Situation in East Ghouta, Syria. Report of Chinese analysts examined by Russian leading expert in the field of Middle East.

This video has the assessment of the situation in East Ghouta, Syria — in particular, Chinese military specialists report being examined by Russian leading expert in the field of Middle East.

China is very closely following everything that is happening in Syria. There are regular reports and expert assessments of Chinese specialists analyzing the course of the antiterrorist operation, comparing the actions of, in particular, the Russian military and the US-led coalition, noting the shortcomings and dignities of the parties etc.

The video is the record of radio program aired on April 3, 2018.

A few words about the expert:

Evgeniy Yanovich Satanovskiy (born in 1959). Russian orientalist and economist, one of the leading experts in the field of politics and economy of Israel, as well as other countries of the Near and Middle East. Founder and President of the scientific center «Institute of the Middle East» (formerly the Institute for the Study of Israel and the Middle East). Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor.

One of the most famous and popular Russian specialists/experts in the Middle East. A regular participant of Russian radio and TV programs, always with an accurate and in-depth assessment of the situation in the Middle East, in particular, in Syria.

In this video Evgeniy Satanovskiy examines the situation in East Ghouta, Syria, based on the recent materials of Chinese analysts translated into Russian language by the Russian Sinologist Maksim Kazanin.


Youtube version (though no guarantee it will be available, because right after publication the video was blocked).

All English subtitles by ALAFF.

Plus, some additional specifying information:

00’40 — «The material was prepared by our good friend Maksim Kazanin…»

Maksim Kazanin — famous Russian Sinologist, participant of radio programs dedicated to China, author of materials on China for Russian mass media.

07’17 — «Remember, Gerasimov made a very tough statement…»

Satanovsky is talking about Valeriy Gerasimov’s [Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Valeriy Gerasimov] statement, where he warned the US that if there is a threat to the life of Russian servicemen in Syria, then Russia will shoot down both American missiles and carriers.

10’04 — «Kornievsky and I do not talk about this…»

Sergey Kornievsky — radio presenter, with whom E.Satanovsky leads this program (his replicas in the video are highlighted in white).

13’55 — «Kerensky in a woman’s dress…»

There is a version (btw, widely distributed) according to which Kerensky [Head of the Provisional Government Aleksandr Kerensky] in 1917 fled from the Bolsheviks, changing into a woman’s dress.

14’00 — «Abdulla in the paranja in our movie, remember? He stabbed Petrukha…»

Satanovskiy is talking about famous Russian movie «The white sun of the desert«, where in one of the scenes a character named Abdulla, pretending to be a woman and dressed in a paranja, stabbed a character named Petrukha.


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