Carbonated Baltic — their answer to the referendum. What Really Happened at Nord Stream

On Monday, September 26, closer to the night, it became known that pressure was dropping in the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. This morning, the Danes reported that the accident occurred in their waters near the island of Bornholm. Huge holes gape in three branches of two gas pipelines from which gas […]


the origins of Russophobia

Russophobia is a pathological fear and hatred that has the character of a mental problem and the corresponding clinical manifestations. This is a complex historical phenomenon, generated by a long-term geopolitical and civilizational goal setting for the elimination of [Ancient] Rus and Russia and regular failures in achieving this goal. This is the hatred of […]

Germany’s historic chance

Life does not often give a person the opportunity to radically change everything. Change for the better. Such an opportunity can be, for example, a big win in the lottery. As they say, one chance in a million. Even more rarely, such a chance is given to entire nations. It is also a kind of […]

Why the West is afraid of the denazification of Ukraine

The previous material about the denazification of Ukraine caused quite a wide response, especially in the West. Hidden behind the loudly expressed joy that the article allegedly provides «evidence» of calls for genocide approved by the state, and its author should be tried in The Hague, is a poorly hidden frustration, fear generated by one’s […]

Get out of the matrix

The world is going crazy. People cry, seeing off cheeseburgers and nuggets on their last journey. People in line at IKEA are fighting for the right to buy garden furniture. You can’t buy tickets on planes flying to Yerevan. In Uzbekistan, they are discussing new migrants — Russians who came to work. Nobody drove them […]

Fascization of Europe 2.0

As one know, everything returns to normal. The misanthropic ideology, nurtured in the bowels of Europe, which led the world to the most destructive war in history, is reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix bird before the eyes of astonished contemporaries. Inexorably and inevitably. The effect of the Soviet inoculation against nazism/fascism 75 years […]

POLAND: Barbarism of the XXI century*

Despite its many amazing achievements, the Soviet era created one fundamental problem: the fantastic preparedness of society for rapid archaization as soon as the constraints for this disappeared. The reason, apparently, is that the communist leaders tried to modernize the consciousness of the peoples in conditions of violence and total prohibitions, among which the prohibition […]

Contradictory Colossus

In the three seven years since Vladimir Putin came to power, Russia has made an impressive leap forward. An indisputable fact that only the most marginal inadequacies can deny. From the drained and disoriented by total devastation of the 90s, burdened with destructive wars on its own territory, suffering under monstrous attacks by terrorists (the […]

Showdown global players

We live in interesting times. Not so long ago it was rather difficult, if not impossible to say, to imagine that a «world global leader with the largest economy» would ask a «gas station country with an economy torn to shreds» for a summit, and the latter would without much haste decide whether to agree […]