Contradictory Colossus

In the three seven years since Vladimir Putin came to power, Russia has made an impressive leap forward. An indisputable fact that only the most marginal inadequacies can deny. From the drained and disoriented by total devastation of the 90s, burdened with destructive wars on its own territory, suffering under monstrous attacks by terrorists (the […]

Showdown global players

We live in interesting times. Not so long ago it was rather difficult, if not impossible to say, to imagine that a «world global leader with the largest economy» would ask a «gas station country with an economy torn to shreds» for a summit, and the latter would without much haste decide whether to agree […]

China’s Xinjiang: strange «genocide»

Hello dear listeners. Today we will talk about such a very controversial issue as the situation in Xinjiang. You know that the world community, practically all Western countries are putting pressure on China, accusing it of genocide, personally accusing Xi Jinping and people loyal to Xi Jinping. Suffice it to recall Joe Biden’s claims that […]

Where are Europe’s instincts leading

History contains many examples of the fact that in conditions when the only goal of prudent powers is to maintain peace at any cost, the course of events is in the hands of the most aggressive members of the international community. Russian policy towards the West is based on the highest prudence and restraint. However, […]

ERA technopolis: threat to U.S. national security

A kind of surprise was the inclusion of the ERA technopolis in the next package of unilateral discriminatory measures introduced by the US government against the Russian Federation few weeks ago. Over the past few years, more than 90(!) packages of discriminatory measures have been introduced (as Maria Zakharova said in an interview with Sputnik). […]

Hackers feed American paranoia

In times of general exacerbation of the international situation, almost any event, at least somehow related to national security, becomes important in relations between rival powers. Especially now, when the line between state policy and the actions of private individuals not controlled by anyone is not just blurred — it actually does not exist. The […]

Minsk: the coup failed, but it’s too early to relax

In order to understand that something is being prepared in Belarus, one did not have to be particularly smart or have exclusive information. Banal logic dictated (I spoke and wrote about this) that in order to hope for success, the planned American operation against Russia should not have been limited to Ukraine’s attack on Donbass. […]

Events in Myanmar: West Closes Ring of Tension around China

Russian Sinologist Nikolai Vavilov analyzes the situation in Myanmar in the context of the US-China confrontation. What’s going on in Myanmar? Most recently, the opposition of Myanmar, which is now fiercely fighting the military government that has seized power, announced that China has begun to send troops into the border regions of the country. Whether […]

Who blinks first? The preparations for the war are over

The situation in long-suffering Ukraine (without any irony towards the country and its people) is developing in such a way that it can be stated that those interested in the conflict, possibly armed [conflict], have completed the pre-war preparatory measures, at least in the diplomatic sphere. Further, either someone has to give in, or the […]