Munich Davos

Vladimir Putin’s speech, delivered in the format of remote participation in the annual Davos Forum, is already being actively compared with his 2007 Munich speech. Well, there is something in common. About the same in common as between Stalin’s «Brothers and Sisters!» in 1941 and a toast «To the great Russian people!» in 1945. The […]

The USA and the Crisis: How and Why the Oligarchs Fight Trumpism

Speaking about the internal political crisis in the United States, we have repeatedly noted its direct dependence on the global systemic crisis — the crisis created by the United States of the world political and economic system, which (by design) was supposed to ensure the eternal dominance of the United States, but lasted hardly twenty […]

A unique chance for…

January 20 of the new 2021 is steadily approaching, and just as relentless is the vague feeling, almost physical, that the American nation is missing out on its one chance. Every day this chance is melting, disappearing in nothingness. On January 20, declared president-elect, 78-year-old young promising politician Joseph Biden will officially take over as […]

America-Europe began to be ignored as a boring mistress

The 16th big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin has drawn a line. In the history of the “concentration of Russia”, a thirty-year period has come to an end, characterized by successively advancing: fascination with the West, doubt in the West, and disillusionment with Western “values”. Russia has entered a new period. During the […]

Immortal Victory

A number of materials prepared by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory in Great Patriotic War. Must see.   Eternal glory to the fallen heroes.

Bloody «quarantine» from the US and NATO for Yugoslavia

April 23, 1999 NATO missile hit the building of «Radio Television of Serbia» in the center of Belgrade. This was neither an accident nor a mistake. Journalists were intentionally killed. For the fact that they are journalists, and for the fact that the Americans did not like them. By April 24, 1999, US and NATO […]

Estimates of Chinese experts on new Israeli radar weapons

Observers of Chinese military-technical publications continue to closely monitor the research and development experimental developments (R&D) conducted in Israel in the development of advanced radar systems. Thus, according to the information of the Chinese specialized military-technical publication World of Aviation (the official press organ of the China Aircraft Corporation), the Israeli company Elta Systems (a […]

Putin, Erdogan and the infinite Middle East

The talks between the Russian and Turkish presidents in Moscow ended with the surrender by the Turks of even more serious positions than might have been originally assumed. It was clear that no one would withdraw the Syrian troops at the positions of October-November 2019. It was also clear that Damascus would not give up […]