Carbonated Baltic — their answer to the referendum. What Really Happened at Nord Stream


On Monday, September 26, closer to the night, it became known that pressure was dropping in the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. This morning, the Danes reported that the accident occurred in their waters near the island of Bornholm. Huge holes gape in three branches of two gas pipelines from which gas is emitted into the waters of the Baltic. For hundreds of meters around the surface of the sea is churning with rising bubbles.

Already in the morning, the Germans and Danes announced that most likely there was a diversion. Their modest silence regarding who they consider the likely saboteur indicates that they clearly do not suspect Russia. In the afternoon, the Kremlin supported the version of sabotage, at the same time, with traditional caution, proposing to wait for the decision of the Nord Stream Commission, which is already on the spot with the causes of the accident, for final conclusions.

At the same time, the Swedes reported that their seismographs had recorded underwater explosions at the accident site. The final point was put by the German media, who remembered that in the summer American ships were spinning in this area for a long time, even temporarily turning off the responders.

I will say right away that even before receiving all the information, I came to the conclusion that this could only be a sabotage. Also a meteorite could hit in one place and at one time, but a “pebble” of such a size that is needed to kill three branches of two gas pipelines spaced a couple of kilometers apart could not get lost in space. The whole world would see and hear it. I also suggested that the saboteurs did not act today — it would be too noticeable, but carried out one or more operations to plant explosives earlier (as it turned out now, back in the summer), which implies early preparation for X hour.

I also came to the conclusion (I am not an official, I don’t need the conclusions of the commission and an inspection of the scene for this) that the only state that had the technical capabilities to carry out such sabotage and at the same time would be its beneficiary is the United States. This confidence is confirmed by the fact that they did not even try to disguise the sabotage as an ordinary accident. They just brazenly rushed the gas pipeline and that’s it.

I was not even surprised by the latest report about American ships that were spinning in the summer in the area of the future sabotage. Of course, the United States could hire some Poles, Ukrainians, Africans or its own PMCs, bring them to the region on a ship under the flag of Côte d’Ivoire or Burkina Faso, and do everything without exposure. But they didn’t need it.

First, they were afraid that the Afro-Ukro-Poles might screw something up. Secondly, they needed everyone to know who did it and why, but they could not prove it. In this regard, it is more reliable to rely on your own saboteurs. They won’t tell anyone for sure. Mercenaries, of course, can be killed, but then there will be traces in the form of corpses and witnesses in the form of their relatives, acquaintances, those who rented the ship, etc. You never know who and what they could tell before going to the case, who and what might have been overlooked.

Why did the Americans prepare this sabotage and why they blew it up right now: not earlier and not later.

Perhaps not everyone paid attention, but in recent weeks, against the background of the preparation and holding of referendums in the liberated regions [of Donbass], “leaks” have poured into the internet that Russia is allegedly conducting “secret negotiations” with the United States on “freezing the conflict” and is about to some kind of consensus must be reached.

I have no doubt that consultations through intermediaries were ongoing. Such is the nature of such conflicts and the method of their settlement. However, we also know that the United States, the collective West and Ukraine, clearly in collusion, put forward completely unacceptable conditions for the start of negotiations. They demanded nothing more and nothing less [for Russia] than to leave all the liberated territories, including Crimea, stating in advance that after that the negotiations would mainly concern the volume and procedure for paying reparations by Russia.

I do not rule out that in this request position they envisaged a possible waiver of the demand to leave Crimea and pay reparations to Ukraine. But they were clearly going to fix the victory over Russia by a shameful withdrawal from the rest of the territory, including the Donbass, and by setting a “maximum” in energy prices. They did not fully believe that Putin would decide to mobilize. Americans know from their own Vietnamese experience how this shakes society. We too still remember the public unrest in the USSR due to the fact that a draft army, not a contract army, fought in Afghanistan.

It seems that even after its announcement in the US, they believed that this was a bluff. Moreover, they clearly believed that the referendums on the entry of new territories into Russia were a bluff and would be abandoned at the last moment. It is no coincidence that Putin in his speech, addressing the West, insistently convinced that Russia’s readiness to accept these territories into its composition, as well as to defend them using all available capabilities, including nuclear weapons, is not a bluff.

The Americans and the European press controlled by them at full capacity turned on the hysteria about “Putin’s nuclear blackmail” and Russia’s alleged readiness to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, began to conduct exercises on the behavior of citizens during a nuclear attack and began to wait for the Russian retreat and refutation of intentions “to protect any price.»

But then the referenda ended. They took place. The decisions have been made, it remains only to implement them by the decision of the Russian parliament and the signing of the relevant documents by the heads of the provisional states and the President of Russia.

Washington has finally realized that Putin has responded to their ultimatum. The answer to their proposal to leave Ukraine, repent, pay and, perhaps, someday receive forgiveness, was the annexation of the liberated territories to Russia. In fact, this is the only real consequence of the referenda. They make it as difficult as possible for Russia to leave these territories. It is one thing to leave the territory of Ukraine, occupied by Russian troops. You never know what «regroupings» happen. But it is another matter to leave the territories of Russia, where Russian citizens live, who publicly voted for Russia and therefore are potential victims of the Ukrainian regime.

Even a simple export to Russian territory of 5-10 million destitute new citizens would shake the internal situation to the point of impossibility. Not to mention the fact that Russian society itself would not accept such a shameful peace.

Thus, by holding referendums, mobilizing and declaring readiness to defend Russia already within the new borders, Putin burned the ships, cut off the opportunity for himself and the country to retreat under pressure, and at the same time raised the stakes for the Americans. This is the second such a sharp increase in rates since the December Russian ultimatum. Then the Americans ignored Russia. The result is known.

Washington decided to respond with some preemption and blew up the gas pipelines. The United States is well aware that this is an open challenge — a public declaration of war (hot war). But so far, they do not formally accept responsibility, although they do not hide their participation, leaving some room for bargaining.

In fact, the US responded to our referenda by raising rates. Moreover, having done this in advance, they reserve the opportunity to respond again, this time through the official imposition of sanctions.

At the same time, only Europe suffers from the American provocation, which is not a pity. On the contrary, the United States, which needs a European resource to prolong its agony, wants to ensure the flow of 6 trillion dollars of European capital across the ocean by the end of this year.

For Europe, this is the last chance to rebel against the disastrous American dictate and together with us, restoring relations on a new basis, to prevent America from pushing humanity into a nuclear crisis. But I doubt that the infantile European governments of the liberal leftists will find the will to do so. This means that in just a couple of days, when Europe determines its position (mean, if it refuses to accuse the United States of sabotage), the ball will again be in our half of the field and the world will be watching how we respond to this provocation.

A partial answer will be the completion of the procedure for accepting new [Donbass] regions into Russia. The United States clearly meant that in one of the unlikely scenarios, Russia could back down at the last moment and “postpone the vote in the Duma.” But the completion of the acceptance procedure is only a partial answer — the disavowal of foolish hope. The answer will have to be given specifically to the provocation with the explosion of the gas pipeline. And the answer should be very tough, which means that the rates will creep up again.

Rostislav Ishchenko, 27.09.2022 / Source.


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