Germany’s historic chance

Life does not often give a person the opportunity to radically change everything. Change for the better. Such an opportunity can be, for example, a big win in the lottery. As they say, one chance in a million. Even more rarely, such a chance is given to entire nations. It is also a kind of lottery. At the end of the 20th century, Germany pulled out its lucky ticket — in fact, without much effort on its part, the country got the opportunity to unite the Western and Eastern regions. The deafening good will (read, the ultimate naivety bordering on stupidity) of the degraded Soviet leadership made it possible to restore the once united territory. The Berlin Wall has fallen. Indeed, a lucky lottery ticket for the German people. The win was huge.

But still, the monstrous events of the 30s and 40s of the 20th century continued to hang like a heavy, albeit invisible, weight on the feet of the country. It is clear that the current Germans have nothing to do with the bloody deeds of their fellow tribesmen during the Third Reich. However, the ghosts of the past did not leave Germany. Hence, among other things, the boundless impudence of the hyena of Europe, daring to demand more and more reparations. Hence the unheard-of impudence of the Ukrainian savages, who dare to point out the «moral duty» of Germany, and also demand reparations.

A rare country gets the chance to break the bank twice in a row. In a little over 30 years — a fleeting moment by historical standards — Germany has twice been lucky lottery ticket. The first is the childish immediacy and stunning stupidity of Gorbachev & Co., who essentially surrendered all the geopolitical positions of the USSR, which were once won by the incredible work and shed blood of millions of people. The naive cretin did not even try to condition consent to the unification of Germany at least on its strict neutrality. It is no secret that Helmut Kohl was struck by Gorby’s disinterested good nature. It’s really rare to see such fools.

In the current geopolitical conditions, Germany has a second(!) unique chance — indeed, in a sense, to relieve itself of the burden of historical guilt. For real, not fictitious, as Herr Scholz did to the amazement of many. Finally rid of the ghosts of the past.

Only two types of people could ignore what was happening in Ukraine — either complete idiots, totally brainwashed, or outright hypocrites (sympathizers?), who deliberately turned a blind eye to the formation of the Nazi regime. It is unlikely that the leadership of Germany can be suspected of idiocy. Of course, history does not know the subjunctive mood. However, what is happening is so radical and clearly promising for Germany that «what if» arises by itself.

What if Germany would have reacted extremely harshly to any manifestations of Ukrainian Nazism, would not pretend that nothing was happening, but condemned it extremely harshly. What if, in the limit/ideally, Germany took the initiative and sent its troops to the Donbass to help the Russian troops, as well as the troops of the LDPR to fight the Ukrainian Nazis. Ok, let these troops not fight on the front lines (although this would be the maximum level of consciousness), but at least provide security for important facilities in the rear — hospitals, power plants, large factories, schools, kindergartens, food depots etc. What if Germany would send its specialists to demine the liberated territories of Donbass (according to the International Demining Center, by 2020 Ukraine was in the top five countries in the world with the greatest mine problem). What if Germany supplied the Donbass/Ukrainian cities that suffered from the Nazis, supplied medicines, food, clothes, etc. What if Germany helped Donbass refugees, hosted Donbass children for treatment and recreation (for example, as Russia did when hosting Syrian children).

Much could be done. And if the benevolent disinterestedness of Gorbachev & Co. was to a certain extent an accident, a gift of fate, then the fight — real fight — against Ukrainian Nazism would have become a meaningful action, a historical choice of the nation, its sovereign will and effort.

The whole world would see the real, actual/practical action of Germany in the fight against Nazism. The whole world would witness the transformation of Germany, literally throwing off the shackles of past sins. The world would see the true leader of the Old World — a new, strong, unquestioning moral authority. But even more important is something else — a truly new self-awareness of the Germans. They could get it. No one else would ever dare to reproach their past, hint at bad associations, draw well-known analogies with or without reason, and so on. By its struggle against Ukrainian Nazism (again, ideally — on the battlefield), Germany would have acquired new meanings, would have become a new country.

Instead, Germany did exactly the opposite — in fact, it completely sided with the Ukrainian Nazi regime. Thereby not only not facilitating, but on the contrary — making a kind of ‘update’/’upgrade’ of its historical guilt, filling it with a new terrifying meaning. Now the German Chancellor grins when he hears about the genocide of the inhabitants of Donbass. Herr Scholz thinks it’s «ridiculous» to talk about this genocide and declares that «Russia should not win this war». German Foreign Minister(!) — yes, an official a priori responsible for diplomacy and peace negotiations — Annalena Baerbock sees no problem in the supply of heavy weapons to the Ukrainian Nazis. While Leopard tanks have long been based near the western borders of Russia — NATO «protection» of its eastern borders.

Catastrophic mistake. It is unlikely that the country is aware of what it has done and what chance it has missed.

The fact that the German authorities — judging by their actions over the past 8 years — did not even consider the possibility of a final «historical rectification» testifies to only one thing — this was not considered by them as the country’s national interest, perhaps even considered as harmful (in this sense, Germany’s(!) annual abstention in voting on a UN resolution condemning Nazism is indicative). In the end, one should not think that Germany is led by complete fools who did not understand the prospects that opened up against the backdrop of the formation of the Nazi regime in Ukraine. Therefore, it is pointless to complain about the inaction of the German leadership. Evaluating the decisions they make, we can conclude that the German authorities have chosen a completely different path of «historical rectification» — to simply try to equalize the Third Reich that unleashed the war and the USSR that won the war. Indeed, the substitution of meanings and the rewriting of history require much less effort. It’s easier and more convenient. Rethinking oneself, one’s role in the world, moral efforts — all this is not required. However, it is a pity that responsible German civil society did not recognize the opportunity — truly unique in its kind — and did not even try to persuade its leadership to act accordingly.

Germany’s historic chance is gone.


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