Fascization of Europe 2.0

As one know, everything returns to normal. The misanthropic ideology, nurtured in the bowels of Europe, which led the world to the most destructive war in history, is reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix bird before the eyes of astonished contemporaries. Inexorably and inevitably.

The effect of the Soviet inoculation against nazism/fascism 75 years ago has obviously come to naught. Evaporated without residue. Europe (in the broadest sense, the West) is returning to its roots — barbarism, hatred and destruction. The touch of «civilization» subsides and an undisguised bestial hatred for the Russians, a desire to subjugate, offend, destroy, enslave, and insult them is manifested. The leaders of the European quasi-democratic countries no longer disguise their wild russo-hatred statements with faded tinsel of pseudo-humanism. Russians are now put by the West on the role of the Jews of the 30s-40s.

Great Britain — We will not rest until the Russian economy is destroyed
USA — U.S. sanctions aim to guarantee Russia’s greatest economic pain
Czech Republic — Restrictions should bring the Russian economy to its knees
France — We will launch an all-out economic and financial war against Russia. The Russian people will pay for its consequences

The desire for hatred and destruction is immanent in Europe/West. In fact, throughout its history, European countries have been at permanent war with each other, and also attacked other countries. Thirty Years’ War, Hundred Years War… Peace, at least relative, in Europe came only with outside interference, forcing Europe to peace. The last example is the period from 1945, when the USSR and the USA began to control the situation in Europe. Europe was literally forced into peace, and in this state she lived until recently. There is no doubt that this has benefited Europe. One has to doubt only the ability of the European elites to realize to whom they owe their peaceful [co-]existence over the past ~75 years. As one know, there is no worse duty than to be grateful. The liberation (a separate question is whether Europe was interested in this liberation) of Europe from the brown plague laid a heavy burden of gratitude on the Europeans, and they no longer want to bear this burden. The burden is unbearable. Especially when you need to be grateful to Slavic subhumans.

With the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany (voluntary de-occupation), the deterrent factor was broken and the trend towards war again began to prevail in European minds. The first manifestation was not long in coming — less than ten years after the unification of Germany, which became possible only thanks to the goodwill of Russia, given what the Third Reich had done, the aggression against Yugoslavia showed the world the true face of Western peacefulness. By the way, Germany then played an active role in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia. Further — separation of Kosovo from Serbia. Further — the encouragement of the Georgian degenerate to an armed attack on the neighbors and the murder of Russian peacekeepers. In 2014, the war unleashed by the Kiev regime (with the unconditional and demonstrative support of Europe/West) against the inhabitants of Donbass.

Geographically, Ukraine is located in the center of Europe. I.e., for 8 years now there has been a war in the very heart of Europe, and European countries are completely satisfied with this. After all, some Russians are being killed there (never mind, they are not people), talking about the genocide of which is «ridiculous» according to Herr Scholz — a native of Western Germany, where, following the results of the Second World War, in fact, denazification was not carried out. Yet Mrs. Merkel — a native of denazified eastern Germany — did not allow herself such barbaric statements during her term. Feel the difference.

In the 1940s, the USSR fought not so much against the Third Reich as against united Europe. It is worth remembering, for example, the national divisions of the SS. History is essentially repeating itself now, though not yet in a hot phase. Then Nazis practiced gas chambers, concentration camps, bullying and experiments on children, killing children. Nazi experiments on children are still shockin. United Europe, those who fought alongside Hitler — Vichy’ France, Miklós Horthy’ Hungary, Ion Antonescu’ Romania, Mussolini’s Italy, Ustashe’ Croatia, Per Albin Hansson’ Sweden etc. — in fact supported these atrocities, directly or indirectly. In the current realities, Europe’s/West’s support for openly Nazi Ukraine means support/approval of barbaric discrimination against Russians, murders of civilians in Donbass — children, women, the elderly, terrorist attacks, blockade of Crimea and Donbass, attacks on the church, burning people in Odessa, abuse of prisoners of war, kidnapping, and so on. Europe/West is to some extent responsible for all this, which will have consequences in the long (or short) term. A recent statement by the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation suggests certain thoughts:

The authorities of many Western states, which consider themselves world champions of human rights, are not only aware of Kiev’s gross violations of international humanitarian law, but are also trying to help him avoid responsibility. This makes them accomplices in the inhuman crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis and requires an appropriate legal assessment.

In recent years, in Europe/the West, the efforts of rabid propaganda according to the precepts of Goebbels (this is not a figurative expression, but a statement of fact) have created an absolutely insane, sick, inadequate information background, reflecting a completely fictional alternative reality that has nothing to do with actual reality (or minimally related). «Events» that never physically happened are accepted as fact («since 2014, Ukraine has been fighting against the Russian army in the Donbass»), actually/legally non-existent «obligations» are seriously discussed («Russia must comply with the Minsk agreements»), «aspirations» that never happened are condemned («Putin seeks to revive the USSR») etc. A typical recent example — the German Bild published an odd article about the alleged «turn of S. Lavrov’s plane over Novosibirsk» — a fantastic story, invented from beginning to end. Maria Zakharova was surprised at the imagination of the German «journalist», saying that Lavrov did not fly anywhere, because he was doing something completely different. Actually a great example — Bild deliberately invented a story/news that did not physically exist. This fiction was another brick in the foundation of Western «reality», filled with such fantasies, rumors, fictions, myths, etc.

Events, phenomena, facts that are practically/physically present in actual reality are deliberately ignored, «not noticed», rejected, hushed up, formatted — in their place, alternative «facts»/»events» arise, through fiction, distortion and substitution, constructed in the form required by the customer, reflecting the «correct»/»true» narrative. Sergey Ivannikov very accurately reflected the essence of what is happening in his brilliant article:

The main thing that can be opposed to Western ideology is the reality «here and now». The peculiarity of modern Western ideological thinking is connected precisely with the avoidance of meeting such a reality. This thinking refuses to see in modernity an inherent value, independent semantic content. West’s perception of the world is torn between the past and the future. Appeals to the past activate the themes of democratic freedoms, the triumph of law, powerful industrial development, i.e. everything that today the West has already lost or is rapidly losing. And, on the other hand, the image of the West is created under the sign of neo-liberal Utopia, i.e. based on ideas about what Western civilization should become in the future. Both are the results of a game of imagination. These are two types of fantasy. But it is they who form the meaning of modernity in the public mind. What does not fit into these ideas is openly ignored or falsified. Often real events are replaced by fictional events. This attitude is connected with the idea that information does not exist by itself, but is a product of information technology. This idea made it possible to move from the strategy of displaying reality to the strategy of constructing it. The result of such a change in informational paradigms was a break with what is really happening and immersion in the world of fantasy, which is based on the impulses of desire inherent in certain ideologies. In this information space, ideology has replaced the world. The true Western reality today is not a multitude of people, things and processes, but a complex of ideological constructs.

And also:

From year to year, an outside observer can record the strengthening of the same trend in the work of the Western media: the active production of all kinds of fakes, the spread of rumors, the substitution of documentary evidence with arbitrary «interpretations» of the expert community. In Russia, this situation is perceived as a deviation from the norm — an anomaly that can be eliminated. But for the Western information space, the flow of disinformation is no anomaly; on the contrary, it is precisely this state of affairs that is the new norm of the Western attitude to reality.

Western propaganda structures literally invent some «intentions», «plans», «desires» of Russia (to name a few — restoration of the USSR, capture of Ukraine/Georgia/Baltic states, etc., interference in elections, energy as a weapon, Putin’s thirst to split Europe, Putin wants to destroy Western solidarity, Putin wants Alaska back etc.), these ridiculous inventions are deliberately attributed to Russia, associated with it. Moreover, these fantasies form the basis of the real political decisions of European/Western leaders, sometimes leading to irreparable consequences. How could it be otherwise — when the moment of a meeting of «facts» from a fictitious alternative reality inevitably comes with facts from actual reality, the difference is critically large, which causes devastating consequences.

The events in Ukraine are clear evidence of this. The alternative reality created by European/Western propaganda presents the events of the last 8 years as a «free, democratic» Ukraine, where «there is no Nazism» (all this, as you know, is «Russian disinformation»), and fighting in the Donbass are «Russian aggression against Ukraine», and all Russia’s statements about the crimes of Ukraine in the Donbass are «Kremlin propaganda», fiction — there are no crimes. I.e. western propaganda has created a picture of the world where a peaceful country — «a young European democracy» — that did not interfere with anyone, did not threaten anyone and did not hurt anyone, for no reason at all was suddenly subjected to a vile attack by evil Russia, which does not accept everything freedom-loving and liberal.

The actual reality is somewhat different — 8 years ago, having made an armed coup d’état, clearly anti-Russian, the Ukrainian regime launched (the criminal order was given by Turchynov) aggression against the Donbass, subjecting its inhabitants to airstrikes. For 8 years, Nazism in the truest sense of the word flourished in Ukraine. Torchlight processions, swastikas, symbols. Glorification of Nazi criminals — Bandera, Shukhevych and others. Glorification of the Ukrainian SS division «Galicia». Nazi salute — «Glory to Ukraine — glory to the heroes!» penetrated the very structure of the state, became the official greeting of the Ukrainian army. Btw, recently, Victoria Nulland in Congress delivered(!) this Nazi salute. She might as well say «Heil Hitler!» — the meaning of the phrases are essentially the same. Perhaps we will hear that soon. Repeatedly, Ukrainian politicians have made statements about the inhabitants of Donbass as non-humans, creatures, untermensch and so on. The regime practiced secret prisons, where people were savagely tortured and killed. The worst thing is that for 8 years the Ukrainian regime has been purposefully destroying the civilian population of Donbass — children, men, women, the elderly. For 8 years, the Ukrainian regime has killed about 200 children. In total, about 14 thousand people became victims of Ukrainian aggression. Snipers, prohibited types of ammunition (120mm mines), copters with bombs dropped on people are used. There are terrorist attacks. The urban infrastructure of Donbass — water utilities, gas stations, power grids, roads — is being deliberately destroyed. Schools and kindergartens are being shelled. Blockades are arranged — energy, food, economic, water. People don’t get pensions. The Ukrainian regime is doing everything to make people’s lives unbearable. In the literal sense, the genocide of Russians in the Donbass is being carried out.

The UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of December 9, 1948 establishes the international legal status of the concept of «genocide» as a crime against humanity, and also gives its legal definition. Genocide is an act committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, any national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such:

a) killing members of such a group;

b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of such a group;

c) deliberate creation for any group of such conditions of life, which are calculated for its complete or partial physical destruction;

d) measures designed to prevent childbearing among such a group;

e) forcible transfer of children from one human group to another.

You will definitely not be mistaken if at least in the first three paragraphs you clearly see the policy pursued by the Ukrainian regime towards the Russians of Donbass.

Isn’t it all funny? According to the Chancellor of Germany, yes. However, this is funny for the whole of Europe/the West. A completely conscious European choice is complete solidarity with Ukrainian Nazism and, as a result, with its actions against the population of the DPR and LPR. Members of the European Parliament gave a standing ovation to Volodymyr Zelensky. The American Congress applauded the comedian no less pathetically. This is an applause for all the actions of the Kiev regime, for all its policies. This is an applause including for the monstrous terrorist attack that the Ukrainian barbarians carried out on the morning of March 14, firing Tochka-U missiles with cluster warheads at the center of Donetsk, killing more than 20 civilians, including children (some Western media — again, constructing an alternative reality — predictably presented what happened as «Russia’s bombardment of Kyiv»). In essence, this is an applause for Nazism. It’s open, it’s obvious, it’s conscious. Europe/the West is not shy about it.

The anti-Russian (anti-Russian — not in the state, but in the ethnic sense) sanctions frenzy of Europe/West, like a mad dog that has finally broken the chain — this is also the solidarity and encouragement of Ukrainian Nazism. Every sanctions anti-Russian action is essentially support for Nazism. It is interesting to imagine how the «international community» would be indignant and impose sanctions in 1945 against the USSR for actions against the Nazi army in Berlin and other German cities. Sick perverted logic could say that it was an «unprovoked aggression» of the USSR against «free Germany», and of course, there was no genocide of Russians (as well as Jews, gypsies, etc.), talking about this genocide is «ridiculous». Unthinkable? Not at all. Something similar has already been said — the odious George Soros recently said that the current Ukrainians are as brave as the Nazi troops that «defended» Budapest in 1945. That is, in fact, the Wehrmacht is called the heroic army. And it would be naive to assume that Soros is the only one who thinks so.

Frank fascism, painfully languishing in a latent form, after the decision of the Russian Federation to stop the destruction of the inhabitants of Donbass by the Ukrainian Nazis, once again flourished in full force in Europe/the West. The naked eye can see with what pleasure and with what scope European/Western organizations are taking anti-Russian measures. Finally, the «limiter» for them has been torn down. Herr Scholz even managed to go so far as to say that now, it turns out, the feeling of historical guilt has been removed(!) from Germany because of «what Russia did». Finally, they can freely express their true essence, which has been suppressed in recent years.

The London Underground launched an anti-Russian ad with a quote from Turgenev. The text on the billboard reads: “Aristocracy, liberalism, progress, principles… useless words! A Russian doesn’t need them.«

In the Czech Republic, its own citizens were banned from expressing sympathy for Russia under threat of imprisonment. Violators face up to three years in prison.

The German Aviation and Cosmonautics Center turned off its telescope at the joint Russian-German observatory Spektr-RG.

The International Federation FIFE has introduced a temporary ban on the participation of Russian cats(!) in exhibitions.

France’s NGOs have decided not to allow Russian dogs(!) to compete in the European Championship 2022.

The works of Fyodor Dostoevsky were excluded from the program of the University of Milan. The Council of Professors suspended lectures on the study of the writer’s work because of his nationality. An Italian artist painted a portrait of Dostoevsky in protest against the decision of the University of Milan. Under pressure from the public, the university management had to reverse its decision.

IKEA suspends its work in the Russian Federation and Belarus.

The Lego company has suspended deliveries to Russia.

The world’s largest clothing retailer H&M has announced that it is temporarily suspending sales in Russia due to the situation in Ukraine.

Russian students are expelled from universities in France, the Czech Republic, Belgium and other European countries.

Britain strongly advised its lawyers to refuse to defend Russians who fell under sanctions.

The Walt Disney Company has announced that it is suspending the delivery of its films to Russian cinemas.

In Estonia, all books in Russian and goods from Russia were removed from the shelves.

In Berlin, at a school, a teacher posted pictures of Russian children on a «board of shame»(!) just because they were Russian.

Russian children are offended in European schools & kindergartens, they are mocked, humiliated, bullied.

The Czech Republic prohibits the acquisition of real estate by all citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian companies.

The Bavarian State Opera has announced that it is breaking off relations with A.Netrebko and V.Gergiev.

The organizers of the European Tree of the Year 2022 contest decided to exclude the Turgenev Oak(!) from the list of participants.

In Germany, shops of Russian products are being attacked, leaflets are being distributed urging them not to buy goods from Russians.

Total discrimination, restrictions and bans on the Russian media that have reached a new unprecedented level. YouTube simply deleted the official Russian media accounts with millions of subscribers.

In Germany(!) doctors officially refuse to treat Russians. Thus, the Iatros Klinik hospital in Munich published an open statement that it would not accept Russian and Belarusian patients. You know, the Hippocratic Oath does not apply when it comes to Russians.

Cancellation/ban on performances by Russian singers, musicians, etc.

In the Netherlands, the Philharmonic has canceled the marathon of music by Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.

The Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra canceled a concert whose program was composed of music by P. I. Tchaikovsky.

Poland banned Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Chekhov. Polish cultural institutions received an order from the Ministry of Culture on a ban on performances based on stories and plays by Chekhov. A ban was also announced on concerts in philharmonic societies using works by great Russian composers recognized throughout the world.

McDonald’s will close all of its 850 restaurants in Russia.

Discovery announced the stop of TV broadcasting in Russia.

The Meta company (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) has allowed calls to kill Russians, and also considers calls to kill the presidents(!) of Russia and Belarus to be the norm(!). As a result, Meta was officially recognized in Russia as an extremist organization.

The Italian car manufacturer Ferrari has decided to suspend the production of cars for the Russian market.

The Renault Group company suspends the work of its plant in Moscow.

Continued demolition, destruction, desecration of Soviet monuments.

A separate special point is sports fascism of an unprecedented level, deliberate humiliation and discrimination of Russian athletes. Sport is one of the few areas where the West still has total prevalence — the leading positions (as well as the sports organizations themselves) belong to the Westerners, so they use this tool against Russia in full force, not shunning anything. Sports out of politics? Yep, funny joke. The whole world witnessed what an abomination the IOC/WADA did to the young Russian figure skater Kamilla Valieva at the last Olympics. There are rare individual glimpses of consciousness, but this is rather an exception to the rule.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) strongly recommends that sports federations prevent Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in competitions.

Russian national ice hockey teams suspended from participation in the 2022 World Cup.

Russian and Belarusian hockey players were banned from playing in the Latvian championship.

Equipment company CCM terminated sponsorship agreements with the captain of the Washington Capitals and other famous Russian NHL players due to the situation in Ukraine.

Canceled final of the Champions League in football, which was to be held in St. Petersburg.

Prohibition of the flag, anthem, any mention of Russia. The universal Olympic principles with respect to Russia have essentially been cancelled.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) suspended the Russian grandmaster Sergey Karyakin from the competition for six months due to his civic stance.

FIFA and UEFA banned Russian clubs from participating in international tournaments.

Suspension of Russian and Belarusian Paralympians from 2022 competitions. Deliberate discrimination against Russian Paralympic athletes has been ongoing since 2016(!).

Formula 1 canceled competitions in Russia.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (World Athletics) has decided to remove Russian athletes from international competitions.

The manufacturer of swimming equipment Speedo terminated the sponsorship contract with the Russian swimmer, two-time Olympic champion Yevgeny Rylov due to his participation in a concert-rally in honor of the Day of the Crimea’s reunification with Russia.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Sports, music, culture, books, goods, cars, furniture, children’s toys, movies, restaurants, animals, etc. Zoological hatred of Russians is cultivated and spread at all possible levels in Europe/West. This is true fascism. If you like, this is the rejection of the Russian at the level of genes. This is a psychological deviation that cannot be eliminated by treatment.

The identification of the current Europe/West with the Third Reich goes on even at the methodological level, up to analogies in rhetoric. There is no need to talk about the Ukrainian regime at all — the analogies are too obvious.

The Ukrainian regime creates Volkssturm (territorial defense/people’s militia units) — the Third Reich did the same.

The Ukrainian regime distributes weapons to civilians without limit — the Third Reich armed everyone it could (including children) in 1945 for the «defense of Berlin».

The Ukrainian regime uses civilians as human shields — the Third Reich did the same. It is not even worth mentioning the practice of using residents as a shield by terrorists in Syria.

Ukrainian legislation regarding Russians (for example, the law on indigenous peoples) is essentially an analogue of racial laws in the Third Reich.

In Ukraine, some people were accused of looting, but not handed over to the police — instead they were stripped naked in the street; tying half-naked people to poles and trees is also widespread in a «young European democracy» — History has already known something similar, when during the Jewish pogroms of the 40s people were torn off their clothes on the streets. By the way, regardless of Nazism.

Taking advantage of martial law, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky banned all non-nationalist parties in the country and introduced a «single information policy», essentially eliminating any alternative point of view — at one time, Hitler eliminated alternative political forces.

The French minister announced a total war against Russia («We will unleash a total economic and financial war against Russia. The Russian people will pay for its consequences.«) — Joseph Goebbels spoke of a total war after Stalingrad. Curiously, Sergey Lavrov recently mentioned this total war:

The French Minister of Economy and Finance, B. Le Maire, publicly declares that they need a total economic war. Doesn’t it remind you of anything? «Totaler Krieg», as the Germans used to say, starting World War II. It is necessary to destroy the Russian economy «to shreds», etc.

In Europe, they say that the EU must be prepared to pay the price for sanctions against Russia — Hitler said the same about the price that the German people would have to pay to win.

Russian students are expelled from Western universities — the same thing happened on the eve of World War II with regard to Jews.

A separate and indicative feature of the current situation is the attacks on the property of Russians. Europe/West are making statements and/or taking action to take the property (finance, real estate, art, etc.) of Russian citizens. In fact, there is an analogue of the Aryanization carried out by the Third Reich.

Member of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Republican Lance Gooden, proposed to allow ordinary Americans to confiscate yachts, planes and other property from Russians who fell under the sanctions.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Marcin Przydacz announced the start of the process of seizure of Russian real estate in the republic, including the building of a comprehensive school at the Russian Embassy. The official stated: «There are many properties in Poland that Russia illegally occupies. We must return it. This decision was made at the highest levels of the Polish state.«

The authorities of Hamburg confiscated the yacht of Alisher Usmanov, who fell under EU sanctions. The 156-meter yacht is estimated at $600 million.

The French Le Figaro openly discusses in an article whether it is possible to take away art collections from Russians.

As a logical continuation — according to Marianne.net, the paintings from the Morozov collection belonging to the Hermitage, exhibited at the Louis-Vuitton Foundation, should remain in Paris «during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and serve as an indirect guarantee of the protection of the French living in Russia.» It is worth recalling that earlier the court in Amsterdam made an illegitimate decision to give the famous Scythian gold from the Crimean museums to Ukraine.

CNN: «Italy has confiscated a $578 million megayacht owned by Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko. This is one of the largest superyachts in the world.»

German banks, referring to the «war» in Ukraine, began to confiscate the money of ordinary Russians, Kazakhs and Belarusians living in Germany. Russian-speaking residents of Germany receive letters from various banks informing them that their accounts and cards are being blocked and money is not being issued.

US senators propose plan for seized Russian assets.

The Polish government intends to confiscate Russian property and assets in the republic.

French banks withdraw/block funds of Russians, introduce discriminatory rules for banking operations. Thousands of people suffered.

Again, just a few examples. Before our eyes, a collective European/Western totalitarian regime of «the only correct opinion» is being established, which does not accept anything Russian/pro-Russian, and devoutly hates everything Russian. By their behavior and decisions, including sanctions, all European/Western countries have fully identified themselves with the Ukrainian Nazi regime, and therefore with its monstrous deeds — crimes against humanity. Recent words of Sergei Lavrov:

The open unconditional support which Germany is giving to the Kiev regime, including to its neo-Nazi components, is indicative.

It is unlikely that this will be done, but the Russian authorities should seriously consider the prospect of condemning all European/Western officials — politicians, journalists, experts, etc. — in one way or another involved in supporting the Ukrainian Nazi regime. In fact, we should talk about bringing to criminal responsibility, issuing sentences in absentia and putting them on the wanted list. At the very least, blacklisting.

It must be said that there are already certain hints in this direction. Thus, the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin said that (quote) «Senators, congressmen and the head of the United States are to blame for the militarization and nazification of Ukraine, they should be brought to justice.» Well, hopefully such an intention will be realized.

(UPDATE — Volodin recently made an even more specific statement: «The leaders of a number of European states, led by Germany, can drag their peoples into big problems. By supplying weapons to Ukraine, they become a party to the conflict. <…> All heads of state who have decided to supply arms have tarnished themselves and must be held accountable as war criminals.«

As well as: «<…> today, Washington essentially coordinates and develops military operations, thereby directly participating in the hostilities against our country. For the crimes committed in Ukraine by the Kyiv Nazi regime, the US leadership should also be held accountable, adding to the list of war criminals.«)

Russia will definitely not have normal relations with fascisted Europe. The current crisis is obviously for a long time. It is not known exactly whether the European elites understand what they are doing and what their policy of hatred towards Russians will lead to. 80 years ago, Europe suffered a catastrophe caused by similar causes. With their insane anti-Russian actions and statements, the current Europe/West is intensively preparing the ground for a similar catastrophe. If the current course of Europe/West is continued, then obviously Russia will again have to carry out the de-Nazification of Europe. A number of serious Russian experts are already openly talking about this. However, it is not a fact that after this Europe will be able to revive in some form, as it happened 80 years ago. There may not be a second chance this time. Those remnants that were once considered Europe will finally slide into the backyard of History, and the territory will become only an unremarkable regional area of ​​the giant continent of Eurasia.

In order to correct the situation and normalize relations, adequate elites should come to power in Europe. This is the task of European civil society in the first place. If it can realize what a monstrous abyss the European elites are pulling it into, then there is a chance. If not, then sooner or later everything will end in a big war, after which Europe as such will cease to exist.

As for Ukraine, it is a completely failed quasi-state, wild and inadequate. In the period of only 30 years (the long-awaited independence!) the country from a rich former Soviet republic with a population of 50+ million, territorially integral, living peacefully, degraded to an impoverished barbaric Nazi outskirts, which lost ~20 million population, achieved nothing (for example, the PRC for this time became the first economy in the world and brought its spacecraft to the far side of the moon), which eventually reached a state of war with its own people and brought the situation to a real military clash with a nuclear power. Complete collapse.

P.S. This material is a logical continuation of the previous big post about fascism.


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