A unique chance for…

January 20 of the new 2021 is steadily approaching, and just as relentless is the vague feeling, almost physical, that the American nation is missing out on its one chance. Every day this chance is melting, disappearing in nothingness. On January 20, declared president-elect, 78-year-old young promising politician Joseph Biden will officially take over as president of the United States, marking a point of no return for both Trump supporters and the Republican Party itself.

For an outside observer, especially a foreigner, it is difficult to imagine what exactly the millions of Americans were guided by who agreed to vote for Biden. It is no secret that he was essentially the worst possible option — the politician received no support in the primaries, losing everything. It was only as a result of incredible propaganda and bureaucratic efforts that the Democratic team breathed «new life» into this peppy guy, making him the very person who was to compete with Trump for a seat in the Oval Office.

A phlegmatic, half-dead old man, who was aptly called by the 45th US President «sleepy». Almost through the TV screen, Biden smells of rotten hundred-year-old mothballs, like a suit that has been stored for decades in a closet, which then was taken from the farthest shelf, shaken off a layer of dust and again put on public display. A person with obvious signs of senile dementia — which in itself, of course, does not characterize Biden badly, this is just a physiological fact (however, very alarming in terms of the president’s access to the nuclear button). A person who looks like a latex doll — strange slow gestures, unnatural «frozen» facial expressions, lack of liveliness, «spark». This person moves and speaks like a mechanical doll, a robot. The age discount is certainly justified, but still.

A person responsible (at least involved) for many of the US war crimes and atrocities around the world. As the editorial board of Strategic-Culture writes:

Biden ought to know that the United States has long been a nation which insists on laws for others while viewing itself as being above the law. The endless, illegal wars around the world with millions of innocent victims that the U.S. has propagated are testament to that. Biden personally supported those wars in the past.

Under Obama (read, Biden is a Vice President = he is involved/responsible), a coup d’etat was carried out in Ukraine (in many ways considered the fiefdom/project of the Democrats), which marked the beginning of the military aggression against Ukrainian East. Under Obama, the MH-17 plane was shot down over Donbass, almost 300 people died in the crash, but attempts to whitewash the true perpetrators of the tragedy are still ongoing. Under Obama, aggression was committed against Syria, which continues to this day — American soldiers continue to illegally occupy Syrian land and steal Syrian resources. Along the way, Syria is being imposed on illegal unilateral discriminatory measures (the United States incorrectly calls this ‘sanctions’, which are exclusively the prerogative of the UN), which is the reason, among other things, of a humanitarian disaster in the country. Under Obama, a sadistic persecution of journalist Julian Assange was launched for his «audacity» to reveal to the world the truth about US crimes. In addition, Biden personally participated in a political operation to aggravate the Orthodox schism in Ukraine (and in the world in general) — «Sleepy Joe» met with the head of Ukrainian schismatics, pseudo-Patriarch Filaret, several times to discuss the prospects for Ukraine’s obtaining Tomos.

A person with an incredible level of hypocrisy, who in all seriousness calls the people, US citizens, who have staged a mess in the Capitol not as demonstrators or protesters, but as «domestic terrorists(!)», «extremists», «rioters». At the same time, the savages, largely instigated/supported by the Democrats, who throughout the year destroyed American cities, beat people, smashed shop windows, looted stores, publicly humiliated police officers, attacked federal property in Biden’s interpretation, are «peaceful demonstrators», «pro-democratic activists», «fighters for their civil rights» etc. Amazing, off-scale hypocrisy. But millions of Americans seem to accept and approve of this, if they agree to elect such a person.

As political scientist Yaakov Kedmi, ex-head of the Israeli service Nativ, correctly noted, one has only to compare the actions of the summer BLM demonstrators and the current «conquerors of the Capitol» to see the obvious difference. On the one hand, the BLM representatives — blatant aggression, cruelty, attacks and bullying people, encroachment on private property, murders, significant material damage (broken doors and windows, stolen property and food, burned police stations, vandalized and burned cars etc.), destroyed and desecrated monuments, looting, robbing, attempts to seize urban areas…

On the other hand, those several tens or hundreds (themselves surprised by their success) who managed to break into the Capitol — having entered the building, these people did not steal stuff with the frenzy of thieves who had seized upon riches, all things (expensive furniture, interior items, appliances, computers, phones, paintings, books, etc.) remained intact, they did not set fire to anything (although they had the opportunity), they did not paint graffiti on the walls inside, they did not throw Molotov cocktails, they did not beat people — even those protesters who smashed the property of several reporters did not touch the reporters themselves. These people did not practice the subtle humiliations of feudal times, forcing you to bow and kiss the shoes. Some have paid with their lives — a 14-year US Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot in the chest. But, obviously, for Joseph Biden (like Trump, though), this US citizen will not become the new George Floyd. She will not become an «innocent victim of police lawlessness» and will not be raised to the shield of civil strife (which, sadly, shows the willingness of Republican supporters to fight).

A white (already guilty), unarmed woman, all the more so — oh, Jesus! — a devoted Republican supporter, shot at point-blank range, does not deserve royal honors at funerals, gold coffin, the status of a «sacred victim», worship, exaltation, idolatry. No. At best, a small spontaneous memorial on the ground (regularly removed by someone). For the newly elected president of the United States, she is a terrorist. No joke.

There was a vivid episode, the meaning of which was paid little attention. One of the protesters, Richard Barnett, who collapsed in Nancy Pelosi’s chair, left a message for her. How he did it is interesting and characteristic. The text was written on a piece of paper and left on the table. It was essentially a letter. The man did not spray paint on the wall or carpet, did not write text with lipstick on the window or mirror. He did not scrawl the text with a knife on Pelosi’s desk. The man took a pen, a sheet of paper and wrote a letter. Few protesters these days can boast of such civility. By the way, Barnett left Pelosi a quarter for the envelope he took. As he himself said, «I put a quarter on the desk because I’m not a thief«. Co-founded by Barnett, 2A!NWA Stand! group helped raise funds for a non-profit organization that rescues victims of human trafficking and sex trafficking. Well, this 60 year old US citizen is also a terrorist according to Biden.

It is obvious to any sane person who is barbarian in this comparison and who is desperate dilettante. It is obvious to any sane person that people decided to break into the Capitol solely out of despair and impotence. Much a coincidence, this was the only opportunity available to them to express their attitude to all the lies, deceit and indifference that the American power machine brought down on them. A Russian reporter who spoke to the demonstrators relayed their words:

We wanted it good [but we were not heard]. We complained to everyone [but we were not heard]. We said that the elections had been stolen [but we were not heard]. We said that the votes had been counted unfairly [but we were not heard]. We asked to re-count the votes [but we were not heard]. We wanted it good. But [since we were not heard] it turned out in a bad way.

Well, when the authorities are deaf and indifferent to the needs of the population, this can often lead to irreparable consequences. Though, it should be especially clarified that no one excuses the people who broke into the Capitol. This (not the entry itself — the building is free to visit — but a series of actions inside) was undoubtedly a violation of the law and deserves an appropriate assessment from the competent authorities. It is only about the absolute unacceptability of exposing protesters as «terrible terrorists», especially against the background of indulging the insane pogroms (much more serious, devastating and large-scale in comparison with the «storming of the Capitol») of the BLM activists, supported by Democrats. After all, doesn’t it look rather strange when you judge as strictly as possible the one who punctured the wheel of one car in the parking lot, while the one who blew up all the cars in the other parking lot remains unjustified, or you declare that «his actions can be understood».

It is obvious that Biden is becoming a largely [first ever?] quasi-legitimate US president — in fact, half of the country refuses to consider him as such. Against the background of what happened on November 3, the last elections in Belarus seem to be the standard of transparency. The massive falsifications that took place in this unprecedented election of hatred and filth is obvious and undeniable. But it is also obvious that the Democrats, using all the bureaucratic, media and power tools available to them, shamefully (although rather shamelessly) cover/neutralize these falsifications with the mantle of «conspiracy theories» — all those who doubt the outcome of the elections are traditionally declared on duty as «conspiracy theorists». Well, a very handy label to protect against awkward questions.

What is the composition of the nomenclature of the winners?

The 80-year-old(!) possessed Nancy Pelosi, who became the speaker of the US House of Representatives for the fourth time (isn’t it the wonderful «turnover of power» to which the Americans are so fond of calling on others?), in a ridiculous hipster mask on her face, broadcasts the usual acrimonious postulates about «Putin’s intervention», «Putin’s invaluable gift», «Putin wants to undermine democracy» and so on drivel. At least six times in her speech, she named Putin, who had absolutely nothing to do with what happened in the US. Manic obsession with the Russian president, ascribing to him of their own invented «opinions», «ideas», «intentions» etc. has become a kind of serious mental illness for these people. Aapparently, already incurable. This is not a joke or a figurative expression. It is obvious to a normal person from the outside that people like Pelosi have brain problems, they are mentally unstable/unhealthy. But this strange lady from the gerontocrat American elite, who seems to wake up with the name of Putin on her lips, is in all seriousness talking about Trump’s «disassociation from reality». Total surrealism.

Needless to say, for Pelosi, the people who raged on the streets of Hong Kong, including those who broke into parliament were «pro-democratic protesters», and she even called what was happening «a beautiful sight to behold»(!). The reaction of the US diplomatic mission to the riots in Kyrgyzstan, where the protesters, among other things, broke into the parliament building, was a statement that «the United States stands with the Kyrgyz people during this time». It is also unlikely that Pelosi considered «terrorists» the Ukrainian oligophrenics who stormed government buildings during the 2014 coup, which was most actively supported by the Democrats. However, breaking into the Capitol, in her opinion, is a terrible crime. How nice.

The people who chose Biden voted by default for the pretty shabby Pelosi, among other things, advocating the «progressive» practice of rejecting the words ‘father’ and ‘mother’, which is savagery for any normal society, of course. Outlandish bizarre trends of rampant social engineering are the battle banner of the ultra-liberal sect that has come to power in the United States again. The multi-gender anti-scientific heresy has been raised to the rank of sacred dogma, while the man-woman natural given that has been established in the world for millennia has been declared heresy in this Orwellian Through the Looking-Glass.

In addition to the newly recruited John Kerry, a character like Victoria Nuland returns to the stage, who seemed to have sunk into oblivion. By the way, the politician is included in the Russian blacklist. A «cookie»-woman who distributed pastries on the Maidan and took a direct part in the Ukrainian coup in 2014, largely responsible for the war unleashed by the Kiev regime against the population of Donbass. A war that has claimed more than 13,000 lives.

Of course, such an odious character as George Soros, who certainly is also included in the cohort of those who won the elections (while traditionally staying behind the scenes), deserves a separate mention. Trump’s implacable enemy, notorious for his activities around the world. Describing all the «achievements» of this person would take too much space.

Millions of Americans who voted for Biden also brought all of the above people to power — the people responsible for countless grief, chaos, suffering, murder of innocents around the world. People who no longer hide their essence are radical, maximally ideologized fanatics. Over the past four years, the Democratic Party has become a full-fledged totalitarian sect that absolutely does not accept other views. The outrageous censorship of the mainstream (=democratic) media and social networks at the level of the most terrible totalitarian societies has become the norm in American reality. Perhaps only in a banana republic will it become possible to deprive the acting(!) president of your own country of the right to speak, banning all of his pages, interrupting his TV appearances etc. Opponents and dissidents are ostracized, ridiculed, harassed, humiliated. Moreover, this is the most innocent thing that can happen to you. Having spent 15 months in an American prison, Maria Butina could tell you something else. Like poor Julian Assange, who had the imprudence to choose the Ecuadorian embassy as his refuge. Recently a happy father, Snowden could advise on what to choose in order to be saved.

The hatred and intolerance of democrats towards their opponents is striking. There is no doubt that these people will be ready to kill anyone, lie, manipulate anything, betray and sell their mothers, even destroy their own country, just to retain power. Foaming at the mouth, with bloodshot eyes, frenzied nails digging into this power. De jure recognizing Trump’s victory in the 2016 elections, de facto Democrats never put up with it, and for four years sabotaged the 45th president’s cadence, in the literal sense of the word. In fact, this led to a split in the US population unprecedented in more than 200 years of American history. But this is the price that the democrats were ready to pay, just not to let go of power, just to return it, their precious.

The naked eye can see how hungry these people are for power. Like dogs that were kept unfed for several weeks on a chain, and then released to the coveted bowl of meat. The outgoing president has symbolic days left in the White House, but the Democrats are not ready to wait even for these few days. Hysteria has already been raised about the possibility of a second(!) impeachment, the removal of Trump due to his «instability», restriction(!) of his access to the nuclear button, hints of his criminal prosecution («incitement of insurrection»), etc. Madness. Wildness. An outrageous level of hatred and rejection of the outgoing (still acting) president in particular, and those who support him in general.

Against this background, the Trump chew toys for dogs in Biden’s family seem like a trifle. Animals can tear and gnaw these dolls, bite off their heads. Sadistic barbarism is presented in the form of «an innocent funny prank». There is even more «fun» — Trump rubber doll execution by the guillotine. The current president is symbolically beheaded for the amusement of the crowd. Another «harmless performance» by the BLM activists. Such shocking savagery could be seen, perhaps, only in wild Ukraine, where «peaceful protesters» used a medieval catapult to throw stones at the police.

An outside observer wonders how you can consciously cast your vote for such people. Obviously insane, monstrously deceitful, barbarously aggressive, breathing animal hatred for everything that does not fit into their bizarre picture of the world. Real implacable fanatics, who, it seems, are capable of putting half of their own country in a concentration camp, if need be.

Some government officials — and there is no doubt about their party affiliation — are already proposing to deprive Trump’s supporters of a number of civil rights — the ability to publish books, use the Internet, fly on airplanes (already reported), drive a car, go to work, rent hotel rooms, etc. Repression against one’s own people is an integral part of totalitarian regimes. Just look at today’s Ukraine. You simply take and designate part of your own population as «infidel» or «improper». You are denying them the very right to life. There are already reports that pro-Trump people had to quit their jobs after employers became aware of their «awful Capitol sin». One wonder if the BLM «peaceful protesters» were also fired from their jobs after their wild atrocities and violations of the law. Doubtful.

But what about that very unique chance?

In the second series of the cult trilogy The Matrix there is an episode where the keymaker tells about the unique opportunity to get into a special room — there is one single door that can only be opened by the chosen one with a special key and only at a certain time. A lot of factors need to converge on one point for everything to work out.

Let’s see what actually happened on January 6 in the United States.

Four years of an unrestrained campaign of hatred, outrageous lies, humiliation and rejection of the 2016 election results, a clear departure of the democrats outside the legal field of confrontation (creating a conflict environment). As a result, the population of the country is divided almost in half, and one half is well aware of how opponents are treated in it (the masses have acquired the vector of resistance). Obviously dubious, in many respects «unique» elections — such lawlessness with rigging has not been encountered before (a fundamentally new form of reaction/response to what happened is expected). Essentially equal forces of rivals, which became the reason for the confrontation between Republicans and Democrats that continued almost until the very day of the inauguration (the length of the conflict in time, reaching its climax at the «right moment»). The leader’s readiness to resist — Trump’s incessant statements about the unfair elections, backed up by legal actions to challenge the election results (demonstrating the seriousness of intentions to the masses and a willingness to go to the end). The readiness of Trump’s supporters to mobilize and act — the rally on January 6 gathered about 100 thousand people from all over the country (providing mass/social support for possible actions). Lack of counter-protest — Democrats did not gather thousands of people to support the voting congressmen (no need for civil confrontation, «free road»). All of these factors converged on a specific day on January 6.

Further, the culmination of what is happening. The crowd reaches the Capitol, then the main body turns around and leaves, while the remaining most exalted part of the protesters decides to approach the building and some of them get inside. At the same time, the partial inaction of the police, apparently, indicates at least sympathy for the rebels. There is also likely the presence of hidden support from the law enforcement agencies (at least part of them) — the National Guard arrived at the scene with a surprising «delay». The support of Trump in the military is well known too. The actions and statements of the democrats testified to their confusion and misunderstanding of what was happening. There is reason to believe that there were provocative elements in what was happening, but still the rhetoric of the Democrats testified to their fear that the situation would get out of control. Spontaneity always implies unpredictability. However, Trump himself, like the entire Republican Party, does not seem to have expected what happened either.

According to a number of experts, the few hours that the Capitol was «seized» by protesters — this was a time when power remained essentially a nobody’s. One just had to go and take it. These few hours were a unique moment of opportunity. Pence was supposed to say no to the approval of the election results, while Trump would provide proper support — thousands would undoubtedly respond to their leader’s call. It can be stated that even the «moral factor» was on the side of the Republicans. Russian political scientist Gevorg Mirzayan cites an excerpt from the US Declaration of Independence adding his comments in brackets:

But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations (the actions of the liberals in these four years against Trump and American conservative values cannot be called otherwise), pursuing invariably the same object (in this case the establishment of a pseudo-liberal minority dictatorship), evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

But both Trump and Pence have failed. The vice president essentially chose to side with his opponents, betraying his boss. Trump himself, apparently, was frightened by what had happened and the unexpectedly opened prospects for him (the need to really, not in words, go to the end, including the ability to give your own life — which is actually what Ashli Babbitt did), and so he chose to retire. Pence and Trump both chose to pass up the unique chance of the opportunity. These few hours, the result of a thousand different circumstances converging on one point, could change the course of American history. But that didn’t happen. There were many reasons for this, and Trump and Pence’s indecision is just the tip of the iceberg.

The task is not to assign some kind of assessment to what happened — «what a pity it didn’t happen», or «thank God it didn’t happen». The task is simply to record as a fact a unique opportunity that appeared for several hours, which could change the course of history. It appeared and it went unused.

We can only speculate in which direction the United States could go if Trump went all the way and wrested power from the ultra-liberal sect. Perhaps the United States would never again unleash ruinous criminal wars abroad. We must pay tribute — no matter how you treat him, during his presidency, Trump did not start a single war, which already makes him head and shoulders above all his predecessors. Perhaps the long-suffering, inglorious epic of the United States in Afghanistan would finally end and the soldiers would return home. Perhaps migration legislation would have taken completely different forms, protecting the state from possible problems. Perhaps by removing the clutter of ill-wishers, Trump could finally change course in relations with Russia, which would benefit the whole world, and above all the two nuclear powers themselves. However, these are all just guesses. History knows no subjunctive mood.

The fact is that the chance was missed and there is no doubt that the Democrats will take all the necessary measures to prevent this from happening in the future. For the first time, they were caught off guard by Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. The incident was considered a «systemic glitch» that needs to be corrected. Much has been done to achieve this in the past four years. The second surprise for the Democrats was a sudden «conquest of the Capitol» by Trump’s supporters. This was even more painful than the previous unsuccessful elections. The degree of confusion before what had happened gave way to anger of revenge. As mentioned above, the ultra-liberal sect is not ready to put up with even the remaining days of Trump’s cadence. It is of principle to humiliate the outgoing president, trample, destroy, deprive him of any prospects, make him an outcast, present his term as an «absurd mistake», in the long run — erase him from history, pretend that there was no such president. Trump supporters are also not in for good. A «digital GULAG» has already become a reality — social network accounts of many thousands of Trumpists have been deleted or blocked. The digital cleansing of the disloyal was promptly carried out. Lists of «unwanted» people are being created, and do not be surprised if soon you see in the United States something similar to the Ukrainian notorious site Myrotvorets. People are losing their jobs because of their «wrong» political views. This is just the beginning. The flywheel of repression is gaining momentum. The Democrats will do everything to equate the Trumpist and the terrorist (or extremist, it doesn’t matter). If you have pro-Trump views, a «black mark» will be put on you. People will have to pay for their insolence to be against the sect. Ultra-liberal totalitarianism will take on new ugly forms, shocking even the most sophisticated spectators. It is already.

Two unacceptable missed hits. There is no doubt that the Democrats will not give anyone a third attempt to question their authority. Republicans may not expect a return to power in the foreseeable future. They lost their chance. The prospects for this party are highly dubious. Experts predict a whole bunch of possibilities — the merger (in fact, the absorption) of the Republicans with the Democrats and the establishment of a one-party system. The dissolution of the party, or its re-establishment on acceptable conditions for the Democrats (the appearance of «albinos» like Trump is completely excluded). The most intransigent Republicans will be marginalized, and if they remain as a party, it will only be symbolic. Perhaps none of this will happen (or will happen in some combination), but one thing is certain — dark times await the Republicans. There will be consequences of a losing battle.

What about all those people who chose Biden? There is no reason to think that millions of these people are horrible sadists, shortsighted adventurers, gerontophiles, brainwashed russophobes, war propagandists etc. Although some, of course, are. A wide variety of people voted for Biden, including world-renowned director Oliver Stone, whose civil position certainly commands respect.

A variety of people chose Biden and all of the above figures. This vote was an irreconcilable unprecedented battle, and the choice made is largely existential. But this is their country and their choice. People have to live with it. We can only sincerely wish that their life did not become like this. Because if one day they turn around and be terrified of what their country has become, all they have left is to blame themselves. Though, it will be too late. A chance is given only once in a lifetime.


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