Russia enters the struggle for the historical truth about the Second World War


The question of preserving the historical truth about World War II, which Vladimir Putin raised in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, was expectedly picked up by Russian politicians. At the very first plenary meeting after the New Year holidays, the speaker of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, made this topic very specific.

Vyacheslav Volodin, who devoted a significant part of his speech at the opening of the [parliamentary] session dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory [in WWII], said that the Polish leadership should apologize for several things at once: anti-Semitic sentiments in [Polish] society, the preparation of the genocide and the Holocaust on the eve of the war and hundreds of concentration camps placed by Germany on Polish territory. Over three million Jews were exterminated in them.

This disaster, according to Volodin, lay on the prepared foundation — anti-Semitism in Poland was widespread and was actually supported by official authorities. Few people know, but the last Jewish pogroms in this country took place after the German troops were knocked out of it.

Volodin’s speech rhymes with the extremely harsh words of Vladimir Putin about the “anti-Semitic pig” [Jozef] Lipsky. In 1938, a Polish diplomat agreed with Hitler’s intention to evict Jews to Africa for “extinction and destruction”. It was also he who advocated the erection of a monument in Poland to the founder of the Third Reich.

Judging by the fact that the first persons of the Russian state launched a campaign against Warsaw’s distortion of the history of the Second World War, difficult times await Poland. The thesis that Poland imposed on the outside world that the war was begun by conspiracy Stalin and Hitler is very easily refuted by the facts hushed up by the Poles. Now they will be reminded of them at the foreign policy level. Here is what the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky said about the plans of Russian parliamentarians: “At the upcoming PACE session, the Russian delegation will most likely propose a declaration calling for the preservation of the historical memory of World War II. Our children should know who actually secured the Great Victory. On the eve of its 75th anniversary, we must say a decisive “no” to attempts to belittle the role of the Soviet soldier in the fight against fascism”.

According to the deputy, “At international venues, primarily in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe as the most wide-reaching European organization, we will fiercely combat attempts to instill historical lies. I think we will have supporters from other national delegations as well”.

Indeed, Russia has something to present to the European community in refuting the idea of ​​the equal responsibility of the USSR and Nazi Germany. In fact, the prologue of the Second World War was the Polish-German conspiracy to divide Czechoslovakia according to Goering’s plan in the fall of 1938 and the annexation by Poland of the Tesin region. On September 30 [1938], Great Britain, France, and Italy sign the Munich Agreement with Hitler, agreeing to the establishment of new borders in Europe, and on October 1 [1938], Poland sends its troops into the Tesin region. That is, military aggression against an independent European state by Polish and German hands was committed a year before the official start of the war with the approval of Western democracies.

A conversation on this topic has already begun: in Poland and the European Union they react extremely nervously to what is happening. The decision of the Polish Sejm that the USSR unleashed the war is an idiotic answer that does not in any way cancel the iron logic of facts. There are enough documents in the archives, and even there is an abundance of them to prove the conclusion of an alliance between the Nazis and the Poles with extraordinary ease. And, I think, from now on our diplomacy will do this.

Proud Poles selflessly played a role of being a victim for too long, deploying in this field a high and disgusting activity. Vandals demolishing monuments to Soviet soldiers and calculating the amount of compensation for the damage caused should finally sober up. I am ready to assume that the draft resolution proposed by the Russian delegation to PACE will include a full list of episodes of friendship between Hitler and Josef Pilsudski, including the Jewish pogroms and military occupation of Tesin.

Andrey Babitsky, 16.01.2020.



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