Torture and atrocities are the essence of Ukrainism


As soon as the so-called “Ukrainian idea” wins in the territory of modern Ukraine, civil war, devastation, Nazism, genocide and atrocities immediately begin. The tortures and executions that are used by the “Eternal Knights” are even more severe than the crimes of the SS and the Gestapo. And certainly neither the SS men nor the Gestapo thought of sawing alive, tearing with trees, drowning in wells and pulling veins to their compatriots, as Bandera scum did [in the past] and its current ideological followers do [now].

Everything secret becomes apparent.

The first torture chambers, where the «pravoseki» («Right Sector» members — ALAFF) tortured the people of Kiev, appeared in the basement of the Kiev city administration and in the building of the House of Trade Unions during the Maidan. After the beginning of the punitive operation against the Donbass, where the neo-Nazis and criminals who received weapons from [Alexander] Turchinov went, each “dobrobat” (volunteer battalion — ALAFF) opened its own concentration camps and cellars. Information about torture and atrocities against both militias and civilians began to appear after the first exchanges [of prisoners]. Participating in exchanges, militants of the DPR and LPR repeatedly reported that they handed over prisoners to the [Ukrainian] junta in good condition, while [in turn] received literally “pieces of meat” from the Kiev side.

Documentary evidence of the torture used began to come after the appearance of defectors from the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU), the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Thus, in March 2019, the SBU lieutenant colonel V. Prozorov, who arrived in Russia, presented documents on the “Azov” concentration camp at the Mariupol airport. Another SBU employee who wished to remain anonymous said that in Mariupol, «Azov» controlled not only a concentration camp at the airport, but a school in the Ordzhonikidze district of the city and a private house at the exit from Mariupol to the Volodarsky district. Neo-Nazi prisons were cynically called “libraries”, and prisoners were called “books”. According to him, “Azov” was involved in performing “necessary” tasks, for example, working with detainees… “Everyone who was suspected of having contacts with the DPR in Mariupol, Pershotravnev, Volodarsky, Novoazovsky districts passed through prison. According to my calculations, there were at least 120 people involved”.

Nobody knows for sure how many similar secret prisons are located in Ukraine and how many prisoners they contain. According to a report from the international human rights organizations Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, secret prisons with illegal detention of people are in Kharkov, Mariupol, Kramatorsk and Izum.

On June 3, 2016, the British newspaper Times and the UN Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights, I. Shimonovich, said that the SBU was massively detaining people and systematically torturing them. Information on torture was supplemented by a UN report, which noted “the scale and cruelty of the torture system that is supported by the state”, and revealed the existence of five secret government prisons.

According to the head of the OHCHR mission in Ukraine, F. Frazer, the names of 184 people who were illegally detained in the premises of the Kharkov SBU in 2014-2016 were identified.

Over time, as usual, the “noise” subsided, but prisons continue to work. Evidence that the concentration camp in Mariupol worked until the end of 2018 was obtained from the former employee of the military registration and enlistment office, Y. Aushev, who went over to the DPR side, [and] who obtained the SBU instruction to their agent “Renault” demanding to deny the existence of the prison at the airport. The DPR Ombudsman D. Morozova claims that messages about the “library” at the [Mariupol] airport come from detainees in 2019 also.

Blood runs cold.

The testimonies of former prisoners who managed to break out of the hands of “book lovers” cannot be read without a shudder.

The communist and participant of the Russian Spring T. Ganzha, one might say, was “lucky”. In Mariupol captivity, they “just” broke her nose and broken her ear. The woman was threatened with placement in a ditch to the corpses.

An Afghan officer, former paratrooper M. Shubin, visited such a ditch. As Mikhail describes, “the earth has gone from under my feet, I fell. Fell on something so vague, soft, champing. I touched [it] with my hands — [these were] human limbs, bodies. Women, men are lying. Someone had a ripped open stomach, a throat cut, a broken neck — all sorts of injuries. Six to seven people”. The warrior who refused «Azov» to train the Nazis survived terrible tortures. “They bring you into the office, make you undress. Then they knock you down, while a bucket of water is already spilled on the floor. They cling a peg of the welding machine to the penis, and poke the other end into the heel. The sensations are rather unpleasant, one might say murderous. I was twisted into an arc. I mean it, in an arc. There was also a rack. The metal corner on the hoist edge up. It is pulled between your legs, your legs are handcuffed and fastened to the floor. And they lift the hoist so that the handcuffs [on your legs] are pulled, you are sitting on this [metal] corner. [Is it] Painfully? It is as if to say nothing. It feels like you are being cut in half”, Mikhail recalls.

P. Karakosov from Mariupol said that NATO’s fashionable drowning torture was used against him: “They spread a star-shaped person upside down, [put] a rag on his head, and pour water. The feeling that you are being drowned. Together with intensive air intake, water particles get in, the brain perceives this as drowning. I had a microstroke during torture”. Another torture is the “scissors”. “[There are] Two parallel rails. They put your palms on the rail, lowered the second [rail] from a height and crushed your fingers,” says Pavel. In addition, “[sticking] needles under the toenails. It feels like your veins are pulled from the neck through the whole body. Yes, they did it to me, I experienced it myself. Clipping of legs and other limbs by a disc grinder is a common practice”.

No less horror was happening at Kramatorsk airport. According to K. Afonchenko, Ukrainian punishers used a chainsaw to prisoners and sent prisoners to minefields. They tried to force Afonchenko himself to rape another prisoner A. Belousova. Alla herself, delivering groceries to the militia in Slavyansk, spoke about how her husband was killed before her eyes, and prison guards called “volunteers” out of their [prison] cells to work as live targets. Prisoners were also driven through the minefields for fun.

Inglourious Basterds.

The names of many freaks mocking people are known. Moreover, some of them after the [2014] coup d’état became «people’s deputies».

As the prisoner of the Mariupol airport K. Filichkin told, he was interrogated by O. Lyashko and I. Mosiychuk, who personally pierced the prisoner’s leg with a bayonet-knife. In addition, the “librarians» laid the fingers [of the prisoner] on the buttstock and beat by another buttstock. [They] cut the tendon on the arm with a bayonet-knife, “so that I would not pull the trigger”. On the way to Kiev, so that the prisoner would not sleep, “they beat me with rifle butts in the neck. Pricked [me] with a bayonet-knife. I asked them why you are doing this? They answered: “We are just bored”.

The mentioned K. Afonchenko was tortured by MP A. Teteruk and (attention!) Doctor of medical sciences, professor, honored doctor of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology V. Steblyuk.

So far, the executioners of the Mariupol concentration camp at the airport with the “nicknames” “Doctor” and “Butcher” have not yet been identified.

On the other hand, the former colleagues with great pleasure “surrendered” Lieutenant Colonel I. Mikityuk from the SBU Office of the Volyn Region and his deputy Lieutenant Colonel V. Chinchik from the SBU of the Chernivtsi Region, who arrived in 2014 to “protect Donbass from Russian aggression”. According to the testimony of the investigator of the Maryinsky district department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine V. Vasilenko (name changed), these “business travelers” from the Western Ukraine put pressure on the police to search for “separatists” in their homes, grabbed taxi drivers and farmers who came from the DPR to the Ukrainian side. At the request of the SBU, innocent citizens were given to the “dobrobats“ to be torn to pieces to make then more accommodating.

The miner S. Babich, who ended up in a secret prison in Krasnoarmeysk, where he was beaten with a mallet, “the hammer of truth”, was unjustly accused of preparing a sabotage. This was proudly reported on his page in Facebook by a former diplomat, who at one time was accused by the SBU of human trafficking, and after the coup d’etat became an adviser to the head of the SBU, the Lviv inhabitant from the Western Ukraine M. Lubkivskiy. A nice one, must admit. However, in comparison with the criminals from “Azov“ who received epaulettes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs [of Ukraine], this one is not the most evil. Maybe because he himself does not want to dirty his hands? While a regular SBU investigator Romanenko, for example, did not disdain to personally observe the torture [of prisoners].

On the whole, the SBU, almost in its entirety, can be considered a criminal organization along with the SS, since all the witnesses and defectors unanimously claim that the “knights of the cloak and dagger” quite consciously gave the detainees into the hands of neo-Nazi punishers so that they “prepared” them for interrogation.

Even more inglorious bastards.

With rare exceptions, the Nazi scum and its SBU curators are not afraid of anything, feeling the strong shoulder of Washington, Brussels, Berlin and Paris, who strenuously pretend that they “do not know”.

As the chief editor of the German magazine World Economy A. Sosnovsky said: «I had contacts with a representative of the OSCE Monitoring Mission in eastern Ukraine. You know, he told me such a terrifying story… In 2014, when this Monitoring Mission was just being created there, there were several representatives, including a representative of the USA who worked in this mission.

The representative I spoke to is not an American. [He] Says: “We were just trying to create some kind of group, and we were not far from sector “M” of Mariupol airport. When we were there and tried to hold some kind of negotiations, must say at that time a lot of political figures came there, who were just working on creating a “Norman format”, including from France, including Germany, they are quite high-ranking [persons], they [all] were there”.

The American told them: “You know, you better leave this sector and go somewhere far away, because there are some places, cellars where you can accidentally stumble upon torture, see prisoners who have nothing to do with it”». That is, they knew about secret prisons, torture cells, and torture of civilians. Merkel, Obama, Trump, Hollande and Macron knew. At the UN, OSCE, EU and the Council of Europe they knew. C. Ashton and F. Mogherini, T. May and the memorable J. Psaki knew.

They knew and supported [it]. NATO, in turn, supplies [Ukrainian] punishers with weapons, mercenaries and regular troops for training on live targets, and provides information support. While the criminals and executioners from “Azov” have international relations better than [Pavlo] Klimkin’s entourage.

Nothing changes. Beginning with the Terezin and Thalerhof concentration camps, Ukrainism, created by the special services of Poland and Austria-Hungary, successfully migrated to World War II as a punitive tool of the Third Reich, served as anti-Soviet underlay of Western intelligence during the Cold War, to explode again with medieval atrocities in the NATO’s anti-Russian game.

The only meaning of Ukrainism is the war against Russia and the Russians, the only way of existence is on NATO bayonets and CIA ration, and the only essence is torture and atrocities.

Olga Kievskaya, specially for



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