Emissaries from Syria and Lebanon train terrorists in Ukraine

The editors of World Economy mag received copies of documents proving that in Ukraine, at the state level, saboteurs and militants are being trained for ISIS.

ukr doc camp

Original image / pdf version.

Copies of these documents, which are in our editorial office from Austria, can be seen in the annex to the text. At the request of the editors, the documents were checked for authenticity, taking into account language features, addresses, telephone numbers, persons indicated in them, etc. The experts do not doubt the authenticity of documents.

ALAFF represents a personal translation of the original document, from Ukrainian to English, including the conditional symbols, codes, phone numbers and etc.:



Wives Mironosits st., 5, Kharkiv, 61002
fax (057) 700-29-27

tel. (057) 700-29-16, (057) 700-29-32
e-mail: gupolice@hk.npu.gov.ua
Code ЄДРПОУ 40108599

29.06.2017      № 20/57нд

At 01-53 / 1978 dated June 14, 2017

To the Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration
Skakun A.E.
Symskaya st., 64, Kharkiv, 61002

Dear Alexander Evgenievich!

At your request, we inform you that at present the Office has created one field camp for training «specialists» from among the members of the «Right Sector» and «Azov». The camp is located in Krasnogradsky district and is intended for simultaneous training of up to 40 people. Remoteness from the nearest settlement — up to 6 km. The course of study for «specialist» is 2 months.

Currently, there are 20 people in the camp (men and women aged from 17 to 40 years). Training of cadets takes place mainly in the following courses: extreme survival and fire training. «Cadets» are firing exclusively from carbines and hunting rifles, common among the local population in the border areas of Russia. In addition, the «specialists» are engaged in engineering and tactical training, which they are taught by foreign instructors (they were reported to you earlier).

In the near future, the arrival of instructors from Syria and Lebanon is planned, which will conduct language and regional studies training with a new flow of «specialists» from among Muslim students, who are entrusted with the activities of the camp. Instructors have extensive experience in conducting combat operations in the territory of Syria and after the completion of the training will lead the new groups of «specialists».

For the purpose of conspiracy, members of groups and instructors are prohibited from using mobile communications in the camp, all the “specialists” are dressed in “balaclavas” on their heads, each has a certain number, which is also a pseudonym. Together with cadets, each of them has a «home» legend based on their skills.

In the case of the detention of «specialists» by the enemy, we offer the following legend. «Specialists» will present themselves as officers of the Russian armed forces who are dissatisfied with Russia’s policy and intend to take revenge on representatives of the Russian authorities on the territory of any country. The legend will not be supported by relevant documents, but in the field it will meet the situation as much as possible.

Deputy Chief

Surmach (057) 705-94-04

V.A. Guz


«Ukraine. Terror» ACTS

The documents in question are letters sent from the General Directorate of the National Police in the Kharkiv region to the leadership of the regional state administration in June and September 2017. In the first letter, which is written in the name of the Deputy Chairman of the State Administration, Deputy Head of the State National Police in the Kharkiv region, Mr. Guz, tells in detail about the creation of field camps for training «professionals» from the ranks of the «Right Sector» and «Azov«. The camp was located in the Krasnogradsky district [of Kharkiv region of Ukraine], in a remote place and was designed to train simultaneously 40 «cadets».


Krasnogradsky district of the Kharkiv region of Ukraine, bordering Russia.

At the time of writing the letter, there were 20 people in training, male and female, from 17 to 40 years old. The author of the document emphasizes that cadets are taught survival in extreme conditions and fire training. An important detail: for fire training they use carbines and rifles, which are common among the population in the border territory of Russia. This suggests that the militants were trained for partisan actions, particularly in Russia.



From spring 2016 to August 2017, over 600 militants were trained in these camps. After completing the full training, 50 were sent to Turkey, and 80(!) were sent to various EU countries. Another 140 militants returned to the fighting areas in the Middle East.

A simple arithmetic calculation shows that the remaining 300 «militants-specialist» were sent to the border areas of Russia. In case of arrest, they were offered special legends. The documents state that if they are captured, they must impersonate disillusioned Russian officers who want to take revenge on the Russian leadership. For this the legends invented, backed up with false documents.

This is a real danger to civilians in the border areas of Russia and a very loud call for Europe, because 80 well-trained terrorists joined the ranks of the not-so-small army of Islamic extremists in Europe. It will be much more difficult to fight them than with Islamists with immigration roots — they will dissolve in the crowd of Europeans and disappear from the field of view of the security forces, while remaining “sleeping [cells]”. The perversity of the situation is that the terrorists who are trained in a country that aspires to the Euro family receive support at the level of the state bodies of Ukraine. They are guaranteed to receive documents, number plates and other «trifles» without which they cannot do in Europe. They have visa-free travel — the gates of peaceful Europe are wide open for them. Is this the European integration of Ukraine, which the country’s authorities have been talking about for five years now?

In Europe, they should remember this when Ukraine once again asks for help or money. But what needs to be done immediately is to ask the question of how and why the Ukrainian leadership actually sponsors saboteurs and terrorists!

Ukraine is preparing saboteurs for terrorist attacks in Russia and cooperates with ISIS / March 26, 2019.



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