neo-Nazism/neo-Fascism hydra rising a head. Some food for thought

Let it be no special introduction. Let the following just cause the reader some thoughts.

(1) June 22, 2018. Estonia. Mustla. Installation of a commemorative plaque to Waffen-SS Standartenfuhrer Alfons Rebane.

The installation in Estonia of the memorial plaque to Waffen-SS standartenfuhrer Alfons Rebane purposefully, extremely cynical and «symbolical» took place on June 22, 2018 — the day when fascist Germany attacked the USSR 77 years ago. June 22 is Russia’s day of national tribulation.

Coverage of the event in the Estonian media — one and two.

It is worth recalling that in 2004 a monument to A. Rebane was erected in the village of Viitna in western Estonia. A member of the Estonian Parliament, Trivimi Velliste, speaking at the opening ceremony, called Rebane a national hero. Velliste noted that «it is extremely important, given the need to preserve the historical memory for our descendants, to preserve the spirit of the Estonian nation». Rebane’s deserts to Nazi Germany were marked on the monument with the inscription: «For the chevalier of the Order Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves». Source.

You don’t have to be a great specialist to guess that the Nazi Germany bestowed such a high reward as the «Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves» only to the most select personalities, as they say, for special merits. It was necessary especially to try for war crimes in order to deserve this award. Alfons Rebane was awarded it.

June 26, 2018. A special comment was made by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs — video + text.

«We were shocked to read about a ceremony held in Estonia on June 22 to unveil a memorial plaque on the 110th birth anniversary of Waffen-SS Standartenführer (Colonel) Alfons Rebane, who commanded punitive operations against civilians in the Soviet territory occupied by Nazi troops during the Great Patriotic War.  We consider this policy to be unacceptable and urge the international organisations concerned to convince Tallinn to put an end to this unashamed propaganda of neo-Nazism in Estonia».

June 26, 2018. A well-known news source ANNA NEWS also mentioned this event (at 1’51).

June 27, 2018. The event was commented on, in particular, by the famous Russian publicist, historian and political scientist Armen Gasparyan:

«[A.Rebane is] The diligent and consistent enemy of the Soviet Union, with all the ensuing consequences. One of nine people, foreigners, awarded by the Third Reich with Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross. In 1943, Rebane in the rank of Haupsturmfuhrer, i.e. captain, headed the 658th Eastern Battalion, which committed many war crimes in the Kingisepp area. Khabalovo and Chiperinka — two villages from this list [of war crimes] were burned in full force. Does anyone in Estonia remember this today, where Rebane is most actively glorified? Of course not. Or maybe the EU reacted somehow to the deplorable circumstance that a memorial plaque on which a person in the form of the SS Standartenfiihrer (with all the consequences, with the same Knight’s Cross) is depicted on its territory? There is no reaction to this. I repeat, not a military man was heroized. The most ordinary war criminal was heroized, for the very crimes that were condemned at the Nuremberg Military Tribunal. If Brussels says that this is not the case, and Rebane was a fighter against tyranny — well, this will at least be a designation of the position, we will no longer feed ourselves with unnecessary illusions [as to] what views the EU is currently holding».

Internet source Voltaire Network unambiguously characterized the event:

«Estonia celebrates a Nazi Criminal».

Sputnik news portal, of course, also covered this event.

(2) Spring — Autumn 2018. Ukraine. Attacks and smashing of the gypsy camps. Killing people.

The persecution of gypsies in Nazi Germany is a well-known story. Today’s Ukraine (patronized by the West) is no less «remarkable» in this regard. Here’s a brief chronology of a recent events:

October 23, 2018Source:

Neo-Nazis from the C14 group attacked a camp of gypsies, which was located near the railway station in Kiev. Video from the site of the pogrom was posted by Sergey Bondar on his Facebook page, who is a member of the radical nationalist group C14. The incident occurred on the evening of October 23. According to Bondar, after gypsies were expelled from the station square, public services began to clean the territory.

July 1, 2018Source1 / Source2:

In the city of Beregovo, in the territory of the railway depot, unknown persons killed a Gypsy woman. The mortally wounded woman ran away from the attackers and went to the house of one of the local residents where she died from the injury.

June 25, 2018Source (photo, video):

In the evening of June 25 in Kiev near the metro station «Akademgorodok» neo-Nazis from the ultra-right group «Nemesis» smashed another camp of gypsies, consisting of a couple of dozen tents.

June 23, 2018Source:

«Late on the evening of June 23, an attack was committed on a gypsy camp on the outskirts of Lviv, as a result of which people were killed and injured. All the victims and one dead — gypsies from Transcarpathia».

«As a result of the attack, one person was killed, four were injured, including a child. According to human rights activists, this is the sixth attack by supporters of ultra-right groups on gypsy settlements in Ukraine over the past 2 months».

The attackers were in the ultra-right organization «Sober and Evil Youth», which, apparently, is one of the units of the Nazi group Misanthropic Division (an extremist organization banned in Russia), closely associated with the structures of the «National Corps» and «Azov«. Source.

Media reports (videos) — one and two.

The attack on the Gypsy camp was condemned by the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Daniel Holtgen:

June 11, 2018Source1 / Source2:

Radical football fans from the ultras group «Trouble Company» attacked gypsies who settled at the train station. It turned out that these are the same gypsies who were expelled from Goloseevskiy Park  by the radicals from the «National Teams». About 100 people were attacked. The victims and witnesses said that the ultras threw a smoke bomb at the tent with the children — the children began to choke, attackers also beat up the elderly and the pregnant woman.

June 7, 2018Source:

The paramilitary ultra-right organization «National Teams» announced a raid on the Gypsy camp in Goloseevskiy Park in Kiev. Activists issued an ultimatum to Gypsies: to leave the camp within 24 hours. But radicals did not wait even for this time. After about four hours, about 30 young people shot a video, which clearly shows how a group of radicals with axes and hammers heads towards the camp site. Source.

Media report (video). 

Btw, the police was present, watched indifferently and did not interfere. No «activists» were detained.

May 22, 2018Source:

According to eyewitnesses, in the evening on Mikulinetskaya Street in Ternopil, aggressive-minded people with baseball bats broke into the territory of a temporary Gypsy settlement. They threatened its inhabitants with violence and demanded to get out of the city. Several police patrols arrived at the scene and detained 12 people. As noted, the case in Ternopil was the first when someone from the rioters was detained.

In the camp lived both adults and children. At the time of the attack, there were seven adults and thirty-three children. They came to the regional center from the Transcarpathian region. They earned their living by collecting and delivering scrap metal. Source.

May 9, 2018Source:

On May 9, 2018, about 30 unknown young people in black clothes burned gypsy camp, located near the village of Rudnoye, Lviv. As a result, the property of gypsies was destroyed, and the residents of the camp were forced to leave the settlement.

April 23, 2018Source:


Radicals from the ultra-right extremist group «Nemesis» burned down several houses in Rusanovskiуe Sady (cottage area on the left bank of the Dnieper river in the Dnieper area of the city of Kiev), which were temporarily occupied by Gypsy families. The victims claim that four children were burned alive in a fire. The left activist and journalist Rita Bondar (formerly Moskalets) wrote about this on her Facebook page (screenshot only, because the original post was deleted, apparently due to threats from the radicals from «Nemesis», which came to the woman because she began to cover the event):


«Yesterday I was grabbed by the hand of a gray-haired gypsy woman with glassy eyes when I asked her where else there had been arson. She led me along. Showed the house in which four children were burned alive. My friend and I built a microaltar. She just stood there and then left. When we returned, she was going towards us. We crossed eyes, and she, turning around over her shoulder, shouted to me «two of these children were mine*«. P.S. — Sorry, friends, this week I will not write about good things until this is all over».

* Apparently, the gypsy children did not burn, they managed to run out of the house in a last moment, however, they received minor burns. The gypsy woman herself talks about this in a report that Rita Bondar made from the scene and posted on her YouTube channel:

Also, a video appeared on the Internet, showing unknown people set fire to one of the Gypsy houses:

April 20, 2018Source:

In Kiev, the militants of the neo-Nazi group C14 dismantled and burned the camp of gypsies, who for a long time lived on Lysaya Mountain.

Neo-Nazis were not stopped by small children and frightened women in the camp. Dozens of people in black clothes and balaclava broke into the middle of the night. With them they had pepper spray cans, bits and air guns. The inhabitants of the camp had no choice but to escape. Source.

Btw, on July 26, 2018 the Russian MFA commented on the persecution of Gypsies in Ukraine:

«We are following developments in Ukraine with concern. Numerous acts of violence against ethnic minorities and representatives of certain ethnic groups, particularly Romani, have not gone unnoticed. We have repeatedly drawn the international community’s attention to the frenzy of nationalism and neo-fascist ideology in Ukraine. Acts of violence against religious people, violating the language rights of residents, restricting freedom of speech, the murder and intimidation of journalists, and assaults on representatives of ethnic minorities have long become the norm in that country. The most cynical thing is that all these actions are performed with the connivance of the official authorities in Kiev, who either cannot or do not want to curb violent radicalism. In fact, what we are witnessing now is attempts to divide citizens into Ukrainians and other second-rate people. We know from history what such a policy can lead to.

International monitoring mechanisms for human rights cannot be blind to this outrage occurring in Ukraine. Experts from the United Nations Human Rights Council have made a rather strong statement in connection with another assault on a Romani community that resulted in one of its members being murdered. In his twitter account, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe Daniel Holtgen also condemned this crime. We are pleased that the international community is beginning to see the human rights situation in Ukraine clearly. We expect the international community to respond to other crimes committed by Ukrainian radicals, as well as to the Ukrainian authorities’ discriminatory treatment of all ethnic minorities, and we expect the guilty to be held accountable».

These are just some of the events of 2018. Attacks on Gypsies in Ukraine have occurred in previous years also, not once.

(3) May 2018. Ukraine. Nazism in the high echelons of power.

The employee of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Hamburg, Vasil Marushchinets, for many years remained unknown to the public about his hobbies and worldview. However, recently the dubious activity of the Ukrainian official was exposed and the data became public. The Ukrainian diplomat turned out to be an ardent anti-Semite and a Nazi.

Publications in the media:

May 14, 2018. Internet sourse ‘Focus’ reports:

«Ukrainian consul in Hamburg accused of anti-Semitism».

May 14, 2018. Newspaper ‘AIF’ reports:

«Europeans who sympathize with Ukraine once again found themselves in an awkward position — while they talk about the «European choice of Ukrainians», it turns out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine employs people who are able to give 100 points ahead even to diplomats of the Third Reich».

May 20, 2018. Internet source ‘’ reports:

«Consul of the highest race. The Ukrainian diplomat did not like Jews and considered himself an Aryan. Colleagues were silent».

Among other things, it is worth noting the following:

In February 2016, the Consul of Ukraine in Hamburg, Vasil Marushchinets, received for his birthday from colleagues a cake in the form of a book by Adolf Hitler «Mein Kampf» (post on Facebook of February 20, 2016).

Btw, this post was ‘liked’ by such people as the first secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States Valery Stupak, the first secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Valentina Krotova, the advisor-envoy of Ukraine in China Vasyl Gamianin and others.

In addition, the odious official was photographed in a Nazi helmet, pronounced anti-Semitic / fascist speeches, actively denied the Holocaust.


Here are some statements by Vasil Marushchinets in his facebook:

«It’s honourable to be a fascist!» (facebook comment of June 28, 2014)
«Hail Ukraine! Death to antifascists!» (facebook comment of August 21, 2015)
«Death to antifascists!» (facebook comment of October 11, 2017)
«Hail Roman Shukhevych, a hero of Ukraine! (facebook comment of March 5, 2018)
«Oh Lord, do punish Yids and Moskals« (facebook comment of September 23, 2013)
«Passing by zionist, hit him in the face with bayonet and butt-stock» (facebook comment of February 8, 2014)
«Yids are sh*t!» (supposedly January 2014) / * — edited by ALAFF

Vasil Marushchinets have, for example, these people among his facebook friends:

— Valentina Krotova, an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
— Valentin Adomaitis, worked as the ambassador of Ukraine in Nepal, India.
— Vyacheslav Tsyvatiy, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine.
— Natalia Zadorozhnyuk, an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
— Igor Lossovsky, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (Ambassador of Ukraine to Vienna, Austria).
— Miroslava Zinkevich, an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
— Valery Stupak, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
— Anna Tertychna, works at the Ukrainian Embassy in Bulgaria.

Not the full list, of course. As one can see, all these are Ukrainian diplomats, and many of them pressed ‘like’ button seeing the posts of neo-Nazi and anti-Semite Vasil Marushchinets.

A famous Ukrainian blogger, Anatoly Shariy, conducted a detailed exposure of the strange hobbies of a high-ranking Ukrainian official.
Here are 3 video clips that are worth seeing (English and other subtitles available):

May 12, 2018 — the first part of the exposure.

May 13, 2018 — the second part of the exposure.

May 13, 2018 — the third part of the exposure.

Be sure to check out these videos!

By the way, a few months after the dismissal (Marushchinets was fired at the end of May), our “hero” again showed himself. Thus, at the end of October 2018, there was news that a former high-ranking Ukrainian official took part in the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion «Karpatska Sich». Source1, source2.


The director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, published on his Facebook a photo of the ex-consul of Ukraine in Hamburg, Vasil Marushchinets, on which he, standing behind the podium, without embarrassment, throws up his hand in a Nazi salute.

The scandalous trick of the Ukrainian was noticed including by the Polish source. Well, surely when Marushchinets was a consul of Ukraine in Germany, such a person could bring a lot of useful things to the relations between Ukraine and Germany. Isn’t he?

In addition, it’s interesting to mention one more case. On the morning of April 20, 2018 the deputy of the Lviv City Council from the «Svoboda» party Maryana Batyuk posted on her Facebook page congratulations on the birthday of Adolf Hitler. Source.


English translation of her post:

«A great man, whatever one may say…

Nation and Fatherland — this is the only, truly important doctrine for me and for all true National Socialists.

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live».

Maryana Batyuk writes that A.Hitler is a great person, and then places two quotes from his infamous book «Mein Kamph».

nazism-fascism-04- hitler_quote

About an hour after the publication, the deputy deleted her message. Maryana Batyuk herself then claimed that her facebook page allegedly was «hacked».

A wide response was received by a photograph in which Maryana Batyuk together with her students (in addition to her parliamentary activity, Maryana Batyuk is a history teacher in secondary school) in the school corridor throws up hands in the Nazi salute:

nazism-fascism-04- nazisalute

In particular, this scandalous picture was commented on by the Head of the Jewish Committee of Ukraine Eduard Dolinsky on his Facebook page.

Earlier Maryana Batyuk was remembered for having the proposal to hang a red-black flag of OUN-UPA (an organization whose activities are banned in Russia by court order) on the tower of the Lviv Town Hall and on the flagstaff in the High Castle. However, Ms. Batyuk’s colleagues decided that it was too much. Lviv already has to wriggle out before foreign tourists every time, explaining to them a kind of [their] nationalistic «features».

(4) Ukraine, Baltic States, Europe. The manifestations of Nazism in the form of desecration of (Soviet) monuments and the destruction of (Soviet) burials.

A selection of numerous cases of desecration of monuments mainly to Soviet soldiers in Eastern Europe (and not only):

May 12, 2008Lithuania, Vilnius — video:

August 11, 2009Estonia, Tallinn — video:

December 13, 2010Latvia, Riga — video:

The inscriptions were covered with white paint strips, without a swastika. It was quickly eliminated. Earlier, an act of vandalism was committed in a new Jewish cemetery [in Riga], where 89 graves were mutilated by swastikas (see photos).

August 23, 2013Bulgaria, Sofia — video:

September 13, 2013Poland, Legnicy — source1 + source2:

December 9, 2013Poland, Warsaw — video:

February 3, 2014Latvia, Riga — video:

Btw, the action with the installation of the gallows near the Victory Monument was sanctioned(!) by the authorities, and local police officers followed it.

May 22, 2014Polandvideo:

May 29, 2014Germany, Hannover — source:


September 7, 2014Bulgaria, Sofia:

Attempted desecration. Prevented.

Russian MFA’ comment.

September 24, 2014Ukraine, Kiev — video:

September 2014Poland, Nowy Sącz — video1, video2:

The court acquitted the vandal, who desecrated the monument to the soldiers of the Red Army.

December 6, 2014Russia, Volgograd — video:


February 23, 2015Austria, Vienna — video1 + video2:

«On the night of February 23 this year, a memorial to the Soviet soldiers-liberators on the Schwarzenbergplatz square in the center of Vienna was desecrated».

April 14, 2015Bulgaria, Sofia — video, text:


September 25, 2015Poland, Milejcicc — video1, video2:

Vandals splitted the red stars from the tombstones. Official statement of the Russian MFA.

September 30, 2015Poland, Szczecin — source:

«Theft by unknown offenders of five gravestone stars at the Szczecin cemetery, where over 3,000 Red Army soldiers were laid to rest«.

October 3, 2015Russia, Oha — video:

November 2, 2015Germany, Berlin — video1, video2:

November 11, 2015Poland, Warsaw — video + media report:

November 27, 2015Poland, Garwolin — video, media report:

December 22, 2015Poland, Kalisz — video1, video2:

January 17, 2016Poland, Szczecin — video1, video2:

Russian MFA’ statement.

February 3, 2016Kazakhstan, Aktau — video1, video2:

Vandals wrote on the walls of the monument someone’s name.

February 7, 2016Hungary, Chor — video:

February 26, 2016Poland, Slavno — video:

«Vandals tore off a memorial tablet from the monument».

March 9, 2016Russia, Perm — video1, video2:

Disrespectful attitude, mockery. The teenager used the monument as a skate ground and dried his feet at the Eternal Flame. He was detained by the police and apologized.

September 6, 2016Lithuania, Miroslavas village — source:


«In Lithuania, vandals painted a monument to a Soviet soldier with red paint».

September 17, 2016Poland, Makow Mazowieckie — source1, source2:


November 15, 2016Russia, Saransk — video:

December 22, 2016Ukraine, Kiev — source:

January 16, 2017Austria, Vienna — source /  video1, video2:

«In the capital of Austria, unknown people doused the monument to Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of the country from fascism».

February 22, 2017Bulgaria, Plovdiv — source1, source2 / video:

March 25, 2017Latvia, Riga — video:

April 20, 2017Ukraine, Mariupol — source:

October 3, 2017Poland, Szczyrk — video:

October 5, 2017Poland, Strzegom — video (statement):

«In the town of Strzegom (Lower Silesian Voivodeship), vandals attached a tablet with an insulting inscription to the monument to Red Army servicemen killed in battles for the town’s liberation from Nazis».

Russian MFA’ statement.

November 4, 2017Bulgaria, Plovdiv — video1, video2:

December 14, 2017Ukraine, Kiev — source:

«Unknown vandal-fascists mutilated recently installed Hanukkah menorah».

January 8, 2018Ukraine, Gayvoron — source:

«A monument to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War is disfigured in the city of Gayvoron, Kirovograd region [of Ukraine]».

January 10, 2018Austria, Vienna — source / video:

January 22, 2018Poland, Olsztyn — source1, source2:


«The Polish radical, Vojtech Kozel, an oppositionist from the times of the People’s Republic hung a banner with the words «Monument of gratitude for captivity» on the monument of gratitude of the Red Army in the Polish city of Olsztyn. The inscription is accompanied by a picture depicting a Soviet soldier harassing women».

Russian MFA’ comment.

February 2, 2018Ukraine, Kiev — source / video:


«Neo-Nazis destroyed the Wayside cross, established in Kiev».

February 16, 2018Ukraine, Lviv — video:

February 20, 2018Lithuania, Gribine village — sourcevideo1, video2:

March 6, 2018Austria, Vienna — source:

March 19, 2018Ukraine, Berdichev — source1, source2 / video:


«Radical Ukrainian nationalists have desecrated the monument to General Nikolai Vatutin in the town of Berdichev in the Zhitomir Region of Ukraine, where neo-Nazi young men in broad daylight broke the commemorative plaque and mocked, with impunity, the memory of the commander who led the Red Army to liberate Ukraine from Nazi invaders».

April 13, 2018Ukraine, Kiev — video:

April 18, 2018Ukraine, Odessa — sourcevideo:

«In Odessa, on the Alley of Glory, neo-Nazis from the fascist group C14 smeared with red paint the names of Russian cities-heroes of the Great Patriotic War».

April 22, 2018Poland, Warsaw — video1, video2:

April 23, 2018Ukraine, Poltava — source:


April 27, 2018Estonia, Rakvere — source / video (comment):


Btw, some days later, on May 10, 2018 the monument was again desecrated — the vandals scattered flowers and smashed the candles. Estonian source with photos.

May 1, 2018 — Austria, Vienna —  source:

Attempt for desecration. Prevented.

«On May 1, Russian tourists prevented an attempt to desecrate the Monument to the Soviet Soldier-Liberator in the center of Vienna, driving the intruders away from the monument. This was reported on Wednesday, May 2, to the TASS correspondent at the Russian Embassy in Austria».

June 6, 2018Czech Republic, Prague — source1, source2:

«Press Secretary of the Czech President Jiří Ovčáček personally took part in the restoration of a monument to the Soviet soldiers-liberators desecrated by the vandals».

July 5, 2018Austria, Vienna — source:


«The memorial to the Soviet soldiers-liberators on the Schwarzenbergplatz square in Vienna was desecrated for the fourth time (in six months). The monument was built in memory of 17000 Red Army soldiers who died during the Vienna Offensive Operation. Vandals poured black paint on the pedestal and flowers assigned to it».

On July 5, 2018 Embassy of the Russian Federation in Austria responded to an outrageous case of vandalism:

«[We] Declare Strong Protest! This is a blatant act of vandalism, aimed at combating the memory of the sacrifices incurred by the Soviet people in the war against Nazism».

Of course, this list is not complete and exhaustive. This is only a superficial survey, which, however, shows a trend of a certain definite orientation. The vandals’ actions in Europe and Ukraine, which have become more frequent in the past few years (at times) and, in fact, remain unpunished, are a direct reflection of the Russophobic policy of the authorities of the countries concerned. Attempts to rewrite history, denigrate the role of the USSR in the WWII, distort historical facts, the heroization of Nazi criminals, wild Russophobia, as a matter of fact elevated to the rank of a cult in some countries (Ukraine, Poland etc)… — all this educates the societies of the respective countries in a very definite mood. At the same time, impunity and connivance once again assure the vandals of the correctness of their actions.

Btw, following the results of the first half of 2018 Poland became the leader in the number of acts of vandalism against Soviet monuments — there are 39 such cases in the country. One can imagine what statistics will be now, at the end of the year…

(5) Ukraine. Glorification of Waffen-SS division «Galicia». Nazi propaganda among children.

Just some of recent «remarkable» events in Ukraine:

April 28, 2017 — Ivano-Frankivsk. March of the memory of Waffen-SS division «Galicia»:

In Ivano-Frankivsk, the far right held a march in honor of the 73rd anniversary of the creation of the Waffen-SS division «Galicia». About 100 people went with torches through the streets of the city to the Memorial Park, where a memorial service was held for the deceased members of the division. Source / Video.

July 23, 2017 — Solemn reburial of the remains of 23 soldiers of the division «Galicia«.

The ceremony was attended by people dressed in the SS uniform (strictly forbidden not only in Russia, but also in Europe). As a mockery of the Nuremberg trials, banners with swastikas, skulls and eagles developed in the cemetery. Source / Video.

April 18, 2018 — Lviv. Opening of the exhibition dedicated to the troops of Waffen-SS division «Galicia»:

In Lviv, near the monument to Vyacheslav Chernovil opened an exhibition of weapons and uniforms, dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the creation of the Waffen-SS division «Galicia». Source.

More photos of an exhibition: here and here (Ukrainian source).

Commentary of the famous Russian publicist, historian and political scientist Armen Gasparyan in his twitter (Source):

«In Lviv, an exhibition dedicated to the division of the SS troops «Galicia» was opened. Two photos from the event. Don’t need more for understanding».

Btw, the mentioned above [see (3)] deputy of the Lviv City Council  and part-time history teacher in secondary school Maryana Batyuk also visited this exhibition, which she gladly described in her Facebook:

On the photo Batyuk smiles and poses with a machine gun in her hands.  In another photo the smiling Batyuk, along with her students, posing with a group of SS soldiers. Translation of her facebook post:

«Together with the students of the secondary school number 100 [we] visited a remarkable exhibition dedicated to the history of the «Galicia» Division. That’s just what one need. Thank you. We were very interested».

April 22, 2018 — Lviv. Neo-Nazis rides a car around Lviv in fascist uniform and under Ukrainian flags — source / video.


Pay your attention to the car’s number with SS symbol:

(photos source).

April 28, 2018 — Lviv. «March of greatness and spirit» in honor of the 75th anniversary of the creation of Waffen-SS division «Galicia»:

Almost a thousand people passed through the streets of the city. During the procession, participants shouted slogans: «Galicia — a division of heroes», «Ukraine above all». Source / video1, video2 .

Commentary of the famous Russian publicist, historian and political scientist Armen Gasparyan on his twitter (Source):

«In Lviv, a march took place in honor of the 75th anniversary of the SS division Galicia. Don’t have to remind that the West did not notice this coven».

April 2018 — Issue of postage stamps depicting soldiers of Waffen-SS division «Galicia»:

«For anyone who still doubted the presence of Nazism in Ukraine, Kiev issued postage stamps with the «heroes» of the fascist SS division «Galicia». Many are portrayed directly in Nazi form». Source.

Ukrainian organization called «Union of Orthodox journalists» noted this news on its twitter.

Famous Russian publicist, historian and political scientist Armen Gasparyan commented on this issue too:

«Postage stamps of one democratic country».

Ukrainian source mentioned that the illustrator is a Ukrainian artist Oleg Kinal and that cancellation of a stamp will be held in Lviv on Saturday morning (at 11 am), April 28 at St. Jura Square.

! Note: there’s no 100% confirmation that this news about Waffen-SS division «Galicia» postage stamps is not a fake. On the other hand, to this date (November 2018) there’s no info or details that this news is not real. I.e. presumably this news is reliable, but still there is a possibility that this may be a fake.

Indirect signs speak for the reliability: Ukrainian source mentioned above reported the concrete name of the illustrator, as well as the exact place and time of stamps cancellation (the source had to find out somewhere about this data)Artist Oleg Kinal on his Facebook page on April 28 (the day of the march in honor of the «Galicia» division) wrote an unambiguous post that he considers the soldiers of Waffen-SS division «Galicia» as the national heroes of Ukraine (this means he could well be an illustrator of the stamps). The general situation on Ukraine speaks in favor of this (the heroization of Nazi is commonness for today’s Ukraine). Plus, the fact that such unofficial stamps (of course you’ll not find them in the official Ukrainian Mail catalogs) in honor of the «Galicia» division are freely sold and available. But still, all this is indirect signs.

November 7, 2018 — In Kiev gymnasium No.315 a military valor lesson was held, and the Waffen-SS division “Galicia” became a role model. Source.


This was reported by the Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky in his Facebook:

«In Kiev gymnasium №315 a lesson of military valor was held. A model of valor was the Nazi formation — SS division «Galicia». A lecture on the “glorious” SS men was read to the children by a representative of the Ukrainian Military Honor community, which is dedicated to praising Ukrainians who served in the Nazi units. This is the newest trend for schools, when valor and courage are taught through examples of collaboration, service in the SS, schutzmannschaft, auxiliary police and the fight against civilians».

In the UMH community itself, commenting on the lesson, they stated: “It should be noted that the references to this glorious military formation in the school curriculum are not adequately covered. Therefore, we decided to correct this situation. Listeners liked it. To be continued”.

Speaking of Nazi propaganda among children in Ukraine, in March 2018 Lviv Department of Science and Education announced a drawing competition on the topic «Ukrainian volunteers in the ranks of the division «Galicia» 1943-1945″. To participate in the competition adolescents aged between 14 and 18 are admitted. Source1, source2.

Here is the advertising poster of the contest:


The prizes were distributed as follows: for the first place 3000 hryvnia (~ $114), for the second place 2000 hryvnia (~ $76), for the third place 1000 hryvnia (~ $38).

Head of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky commented on the event:

«If you are from 14 to 18 years old and you draw well — hurry up. Lviv Department of Education and Science holds a drawing competition on the topic «Ukrainian volunteers in the ranks of the division «Galicia» 1943-45″. If you’ll draw well an SS officer or a meeting of Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler with the personnel of the [«Galicia»] division , you will win a prize of 3,000 hryvnia. The award will be held on April 28 during the march dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Waffen SS division».

Children sent a variety of drawings. A few samples (more drawings here and here):

The last photo where the girl is holding a drawing is the winner of the contest.

The drawing contest is just the tip of the iceberg. In Ukrainian schools lessons are held, where children are given lectures on the history of Waffen-SS division «Galicia», information and educational activities are carried out under the name «Galicia Division — Heroes of Ukraine», where the children are inspired with the idea of the «heroism» of Waffen-SS division «Galicia» chasteners soldiers…

Thus, in Lviv State Secondary School(!) No.34 operates the Museum of the SS division «Galicia». This was reported by the famous Ukrainian historian Vasyl Rasevych. It is interesting that during the Second World War in this school there was a German Sonderkommando, who came to organize the extermination of the Jews. Source.

Inscription on the plate: «Museum of «Galicia» division».

Deputy Chairman of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine, Chairman of the Lviv AFC A. Kalynyuk in 2012 reported:

«Since [Ukrainian] local government bodies finance schools, designate leadership, they set the rules. Thus, in the secondary school No.34 in Lviv, a museum of the [Waffen-SS] «Galicia» division was created, and in secondary school No.21 they even came up of creating a museum of kryivka, i.e. Bandera’ cache (kryivka — the military-defensive structure of the UPA, located under the ground). In the secondary school No.7 in Borislav city, at the entrance to the school in the hall, they made a corner of the nationalists (corner — a special place with all the information, i.e. photos, text, pictures etc). Surprising is not the creation of this corner, but the presence of the national flag [of Ukraine] together with the flag of the OUN(b).

State propaganda, especially when Viktor Yushchenko was the president of Ukraine, fooled the people. Many openly believe that the veterans of the «Galicia» division in no way fall under the category of Nazi, because their division belonged to the category of «Waffen SS». I have to disappoint everyone who thinks so. In the materials of the tribunal in Nuremberg it is clearly written:

«The International Military Tribunal recognized the following organizations as criminal (…) Die Schutzstaffeln der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei (known as the SS), in particular, also all members who were formally recognized as members of the SS, including:

(Information — Atle Grahi-Madsen, «The Status of Refugees in International Law», Leyden, 1996, pp. 277, 279)».

In the secondary school of the village of Malyi Khodachkiv, located 20 kilometers from Ternopil, a memorial stand was erected dedicated to Theodor Barabash — a native of the village, a veteran of the Waffen-SS division «Galicia».

The director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, reacted violently to the opening of the stand. Source.

Facebook post translation:

«Look at how the school is being reformed, how history is being rewritten, and how children are being fooled. In the secondary school of the village of Malyi Khodachkiv, located 20 kilometers from Ternopil, a memorial stand was erected dedicated to the veteran of the SS division «Galicia», a native of the village Theodor Barabash. The stand tells about the life of a veteran, a short battle path, a captivity, further life in Spain. But, most interestingly, there is not a single word that Theodor served in the German SS division «Galicia».

It says that veteran served not with the Nazis, but simply in the Ukrainian division. You see: there is not a single word on the stand about who fought with whom, about the SS, about the Nazis, or about Germany. Everything is extremely simple: Theodor Barabash joined the Ukrainian division «Galicia», «around which there are many unsolved secrets, which the Soviet historians-ideologists and their heirs in our time diligently hid».

In was «The Galicia Division Reserve» organization who installed a stand at the school. A solemn ceremony was held with a march through the village. The priest sprinkled the stand with holy water. What happened to the Jews in the village of Malyi Khodachkiv and how their memory is honored — you can guess for yourself».

It’s very funny when the Western elites, like stupid little kids, continue to insist that «there is no Nazism in Ukraine»™, «there’s no Nazi propaganda», and that «all this is a Russian propaganda». Sure.

(6) Ukraine. Nazi camps for the «patriotic education of children».

This paragraph echoes the previous one, which dealt with the Nazi propaganda among children in Ukraine. In this case we are talking about a phenomenon that is worth to allocate it into a separate paragraph. These are camps for children, where they are trained to be «patriots of Ukraine». The «trainers» themselves are no less interesting… But let’s get everything in order.

Recently, the newspaper Associated Press came out with a «shocking» and «sensational» material that caused a resonance in the West — the newspaper’s reporters visited one of the camps in Ukraine, where children are trained to kill «the enemies of the country». In the West, it was called the propaganda of Nazism among children. Strange behavior. What, before you did not see all this? For four years now, Russia has been talking about turning Ukraine, in fact, into a Nazi state (with the patronage and connivance of the West), including the propaganda of Nazism among children. Oh, sorry, that was a “Russian propaganda”. Of course. But what about the statement that «There is no Nazism in Ukraine»™? Well, now Western reporters suddenly recovered their sight and saw the truth. Anyways, better late than never.

Well, let’s show a cursory chronicle of events.

July 2014. The «Russian Spring» source comes out with an article entitled «Children’s Fascism in Ukraine: the girls in the summer camp shout Nazi slogans and raise their hands».

In the summer camp of Ukraine, girls go in line, raise their hands in a German greeting, shouting football chants, as well as nationalist slogans: “Ziga zaga!”, “Glory to Ukraine!”, “Glory to the nation, death to the enemies!”.

One of the top Russian political analysts, Sergei Mikheev, believes that the propaganda of Nazism for children is part of an anti-Russian project designed to split the neighboring nations:

This is the construction of some kind of anti-Russia, which is the only content of the Ukrainian Nazi idea. And so it has been since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Even before, all Ukrainian nationalism was based on this “anti-Russia”. On the creation in Ukraine of a certain ethnic community, which purposefully opposes Russia. This goal was pursued by the creators of nationalism. At one time it was Austria-Hungary and Germany, nowadays the Poles, Americans and partly Europeans have picked up this baton”, the expert believes.

For Russia, undoubtedly, this is a danger, because there is an attempt to create a neo-Nazi state directly on our borders with an extremely radical anti-Russian orientation”, Mikheev summarizes. “As for the cynical methods of using children, this is a common practice of neo-Nazism”. Source.

February 2015. The «Russian Spring» source reports: «The Nazis from the battalion «Azov» in Mariupol prepare the «Hitlerjugend» of adolescents 14-17 years old».


In Mariupol, the punitive battalion «Azov» organized the youth battalion «Azov» of adolescents and boys 14-17 years old. Ideological young men who have sports training were selected.

The first task and verification of loyalty for young “Azov guys” was the proposal to make each a list of 100 names of separatists and anti-Ukrainian minded citizens from among acquaintances and social circle.

June 2015. The «Russian Spring» source published an article entitled «In Dnipro, they opened the camp of the young Nazis called «Ukropchik».


On Saturday, June 20, the first three hundred children were sent to the camp. The opening of the camp was reported by the people’s deputy of Ukraine Boris Filatov in his Facebook. In particular, the children learned nationalist slogans.

The camp is sponsored by the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoyskiy. The camp program is free, designed for children 10-14 years old (they can hold a machine gun). Its goal is to enhance the patriotic spirit of young people and familiarize children with the basics of orienteering, scout skills, and elements of Cossack life. Duration of stay in the camp — 3 days. Source.

After the coup d’état in 2014, “Ukrop” (in English — “Dill”) became the generally accepted contemptuous name for Ukrainians who were hostile to Donbass. The name appeared as a response of the residents of Donbass, whom the Ukrainians called «Separs» (i.e. separatists). «Ukropchik» is a diminutive form of the word «Ukrop» (i.e. «Little dill»).

August 2015. «Neo-Nazis from «Azov» battalion teach children to kill» — new report on the «Russian Spring» source.

The neo-Nazi battalion «Azov» opened a children’s camp «Azovets» near Kiev. The “counselors” from among the militants of the extremist group teach children between the ages of 9 and 18 to handle weapons and other intricacies of the art of war. The camp is primarily designed for children of the Azov regiment fighters, however, it is also proposed to visit the rest of the children.

Volunteer battalion «Azov», part of the National Guard of Ukraine, was formed in May 2014. In September, it was decided to turn the battalion «Azov» into the regiment.

In June 2015, the US House of Representatives (the lower house of the US Congress) unanimously supported the amendment of Congressman John Conyers to the law on military appropriations, according to which the US military is forbidden to train the Ukrainian National Volunteer Battalion «Azov» of the National Guard of Ukraine, because the ideology of this armed group was recognized as neo-Nazi.

Sputnik reported about the article in the German magazine «Blauer Bote»:

The English-language Ukrainian newspaper Kiev Post praised the Ukrainian battalion Azov for training children at its summer military camp, German magazine Blauer Bote reports.

«Kiev Post follows the line of one song. This song is about Ukrainian soldiers defeating their enemies. Now, Russia is the enemy. ‘I want the war to end and all Russians to be killed’, a little boy whispered«, a Blauer Bote journalist comments.

Famous Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shary exposed fake of Ukrainian media, which claimed that it is about the usual «scout camps». In his video, Shary showed that children in the camp are taught by representatives of the «Right Sector» (extremist organization banned in Russia). Source.


Surprisingly, but propagandists from the British tabloid The Daily Mail were also “shocked” by the discoveries about the children’s Nazi camp in Ukraine.

September 2015. Pavel Astakhov, the ombudsman for the President of the Russian Federation for the rights of the child, sent a message to the UN calling for a check of the «Azovets» children’s camp, in which the soldiers of the Ukrainian battalion «Azov» teach children military affairs.


Relevant appeals were also sent to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. Source.

August 2016. Information source «Ridus» reported on training in the children’s camp of the radical gang formation “Azov”, which the Kiev media prefer to call a “volunteer battalion”.

According to the author of the video, Donetsk journalist Konstantin Dolgov, the video shows the morning parade — classes for young Ukrainians begin with a collective repetition of the “Prayer of the Ukrainian Nationalist”.

“The similarity of the camp students with the Hitlerjugend is obvious, and the text of the Prayer itself glorifies Bandera, Konovalets, Shukhevych and other Ukrainian fascists”, the author notes.

September 2016. «Warming up at the barrel of the machine-gun: shocking pictures from the Ukrainian children’s camp» — with this title comes a new article on the «Russian Spring» website.

At first, we see one of the children squat in front of the line, apparently for some kind of offense, after which the neo-Nazi, putting a gun on the children, commands the army to spread out in a line on a distance of an outstretched arm.

Judging by the way children tremble, the morning is cold. One of the children is wrapped in a blanket, which a neo-Nazi forces him to take off with a rough shout: «Hey, blonde, you won’t need a blanket!». Until the end of the warm-up, he does not lower the sight of the machine gun from the children.

Apparently, the «leader» is a Ternopil nationalist and neo-fascist Nikolay Marko, a former member of a punitive operation in the Donbass. Source.


The Dutch journalist Michiel Driebergen described in the English version of the Arabic edition of The National, how for twelve days the militants of the punitive battalion «Azov» of fifty children between the ages of eight and sixteen make “true patriots” in the summer camp near Kiev. Source.

June 2017. On the shores of the Azov Sea, in the children’s summer camp «Azovets», created by the eponymous nationalist formation «Azov», under pseudo-patriotic songs, Ukrainian children are taught Nazism and hate everything Russian. Source.

At the end of the video, one can clearly see how the children shout the Nazi slogan «Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes!» (see (25) for more info about this slogan).

The Ukrainian Nazi party «National Corps«, created on the basis of «Azov», opens children’s camps, where they will educate «patriots». The opening video was posted on the party’s Youtube channel:

In such camps, children are taught how to handle explosives, disguise, skills of handling military topographic maps.

The Ukrainian invaders have never really concealed their plans for the population of the lands of Donbass they control. When one of them was asked about such plans about a year ago, he called only two words: the gallows and the schools. The policy of «gallows» the [Donbass] population has already experienced in the full extent. Now it was the turn of the «schools». This is an old truth: if you want to break a nation, educate its children. That’s what they actually do. Source.

July 2017. The American media have made the «discovery» — television company NBC News published a documentary film, which tells about the Ukrainian nationalist formation «Azov» (banned in the Russian Federation). The material contains cadres of teaching children to military affairs in one of the summer camps of an extremist organization. It is about «Azovets» camp near Kiev.

Particular attention is drawn to the chants, which Ukrainian ultranationalists teach children in the camp. For example:

We are children of Ukraine! Let Moscow lie in ruins, we spit on it! We will conquer the whole world! Death to Moskals!

We’ll return the Crimea, we’ll return the Kuban, and we’ll throw off the Moskals’ filth.

An NBC correspondent reports that children in the actual Nazi camp can be woken up at 3 am by breaking grenades and getting involved in the imitation of hostilities. Source.

NBC shows interviews with camp instructors. They proudly and with obvious pleasure talk about their mission: they say, children do not know what war is, and we have to tell them what it is, because the return of the Crimea and the seizure of the Kuban are ahead. Source.

The camp instructors advocate hatred of Russia and Russians as nation, and also “lay the ideological foundation for future generations”. But that’s not all. The tasks of “patriotic” education include the promotion of hatred towards compatriots who sympathize with Russia. Source.

Ukrainian Nazis use every year in power for mass recruitment of the younger generation in their ranks. Thus, nationalist battalion «Azov», whose fighters «became famous» for their particular cruelty in the Donbass, published a video of the new group in the children’s camp, where boys and girls from childhood will be inculcated with the Nazi ideology and hatred of Russia. Source (with photos).

Camp activity was also «noticed» by ABC News and Foreign Policy (back in 2016).

Hundreds of such camps are functioning all over Ukraine, where they teach to hate everything Russian, to passionately love their homeland, to kill enemies and, without thinking, to give up their lives. The truth is, all this is similar to what happened in fascist Germany, where the Hitlerjugend was cultivated. Then these children not only marched and shouted nationalist chants, but, already as part of the German army, they burned and killed people in the Great Patriotic War. Source.

Military training is paid by politicians and the Ukrainian elite. Each camp has its own sponsor. It is their so-called support that helps sell vouchers to the camp at bargain prices.

Experts compare such a parenting program with radical methods of ISIS* militants, forcing their children to kill almost from birth. Little infantrymen, as NBS’ filmmakers call them, do not understand anything, shout what they are told, and do what they said to do. They absorb the hatred of adults, and it’s not hard to imagine what these Ukrainians will be a few years later. Source.

* Organization banned in Russia.

September 2017. source reported that «A stay in the Nazi camp for children, where they will make child «a patriot of Ukraine», costs 3,000 hryvnias (about $108).


The photographer of the «Associated Press» news agency personally visited the «Azovets» Kiev summer camp for teenagers and published a photo report. The photographer was amazed by the “discipline and organization of all processes that reigned there”.

It is worth noting that in addition to Kiev, such camps exist in Kharkov, Cherkasy, Dnipro, Zaporozhia, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernihiv. According to the magazine, this summer about 900 children visited the camps.

November 2017. RIA Novosti Ukraine — news agency, whose head, journalist Kirill Vyshinsky, was illegally detained by Ukrainian regime back in May 2018 — reported on how in the Ukrainian «patriotic camps» children are taught to «love their homeland».


Along with various Scout and Cossack youth groups, in recent years, military-patriotic camps for children and young people have become widespread in Ukraine.

For example, in 2015, the “Azovets” military-patriotic camp began operating near Kiev, designed for children of «Azov» regimental soldiers. In the camp, soldiers and instructors of the regiment teach children how to handle weapons, assemble and disassemble machine guns, etc.

Last year, a military-patriotic camp «Kherson Sparta» appeared in the Kherson region, one of the organizers and founders of which is the participant of the so-called ATO («anti-terrorist operation» — military operation of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass against residents of the region). In Odessa, on the territory of the former Faculty of Logistics of the Institute of Ground Forces, the military-patriotic camp «Ukrop» was created.


Similar military-patriotic camps with a various types of military program for children and adolescents operate on a fee basis in the Chernihiv, Kiev, Volyn regions of Ukraine, in the Carpathians and other regions, particularly in the Donbass, where in 2015 in the Kremensky district of the Luhansk region a children’s military-patriotic camp «United Ukraine» was opened.

July 2018. Tsargrad TV/News channel reported: «A children’s camp has opened in Ukraine, in which children are taught the Nazi basics».

Under the significant and, perhaps, approving silence of Europe in Ukraine, the real forge of young Nazis has been working for several months now. The former head of the Right Sector (banned in Russia), Dmytro Yarosh, the radical, is in charge of all this.

The Fuhrer of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army (banned in Russia) Dmytro Yarosh, whose militants in 2014 actually ensured the seizure of power for the current Ukrainian leaders, does not even hide the fact that he calls adolescents to school for young saboteurs who will undergo «real preparation for a war to destroy Russia».

The Internet has a video from the school camp of preparatory training «Young volunteer». Children of adolescence and youth at the camera demonstrate the chevron of the «Volunteer Army» and the emblem of the «Training Center of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army» against the black and red flag of the OUNUPA (organizations banned in Russia):

The venerable instructors pass on a young overgrowth of knowledge of the mine business, they teach how to place mines, explain the nuances of the sniper craft, how to accurately shoot, and, therefore, to kill. Source.

The official representative of the People’s Militia of the Luganks People’s Republic reported that in the village of Starobelsk, on the territory of the «Chaika» children’s camp, there is a training unit of the Ukrainian volunteer corps «Right Sector» (banned in Russia), which organized a conscription for children from dysfunctional families to learn practical skills in combat tactics and survival of war.

For the selection of potential candidates, the Ukrainian nationalists from the «Right Sector» (banned in Russia) organized interaction with local law enforcement agencies. They provide nationalists with information about children who may become potential students of this fascist camp. The mechanism is as follows: when arresting juvenile offenders, law enforcement officers offer them an alternative — to be punished or go to study in the camp of the fascist-nationalist education of youth.

November 2018. The Internet source «People’s Correspondent» wrote: «Incredibly, but Western journalists again noticed Nazism in Ukraine».


The article tells that the journalist of the Spanish edition El Confidencial, a certain Ethel Bonet, was “lucky enough” to visit the children’s training camp located somewhere near Kiev, and the journalist was horrified by what she saw there.

They take children to the camp from the age of six, instructors in military uniform are taking care of the children, they teach children to shoot from pump-action rifles, disassemble the Kalashnikov assault rifle, and also conduct a course of general physical training. And this is complemented by the Ukrainian punk rock sounding loudly in the camp, marching time and shouting out nationalist slogans.

Lit torches, children in battle form, with faces closed by balaclava, right hand with a straight palm raised up.

The camp is designed to receive up to 200 children aged from 7 to 16 years, each group is in the camp 20 days in a row for three summer months. Full board is not cheap — $ 18 per day. Source.


«People’s Correspondent» notes that the hope that the material of the Spanish newspaper will seriously concern someone in the tolerant West is still very small: after all, if you are training the Nazis for a war with the Russians, this will be treated calmly in European capitals.

Temporary clarifications in consciousness occur in Western journalists with a certain frequency. In particular, back in 2015, the British Daily Mail came out with a similar report. Then this material did not cause anything but united «boos». Probably, the resonance from the article in the Spanish newspaper will be even less.

Well, it was just a brief overview of the events of the last few years. Sure «There is no Nazism in Ukraine»™. But let the Western patrons of Ukraine — the United States and the European Union — are not surprised when all these children grow up and once do something terrible in their countries. Because if you patronize the monster, one day it will bite you. Slowly it starts.

(7) March 30, 2015. Ukraine. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in a jacket with the inscription «cynical Bandera».

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko posted a photo on his Facebook and Twitter on which he put a camouflaged jacket with a stripe «cynical Bandera» on his shoulders. In the picture, the Ukrainian leader smiles and shows an approving gesture with his hand (a clenched fist with a thumb raised upwards). «As long as we can joke over ourselves — we are invincible!» — wrote Poroshenko. Source.

On March 25, 2018 Poroshenko made a slip in speaking and named the killers of the officer of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Viktor Mandzik «cynical Banderas«. At a meeting with employees of SBU in honor of the 23rd anniversary of its creation, the president said: «Cynical Banderas… bandits, in military uniform with weapons in their hands. They robbed Ukrainians, secretly killed them. And Victor [Mandzik] was not afraid to stand in their way«.

A deputy from the Radical Party, Igor Mosiychuk, demanded that Poroshenko publicly apologize to the Bandera followers for this statement.

Stepan Bandera (1909-1959) is the current national hero of Ukraine (along with Roman Shukhevych, one of the organizers of the massacres of Poles and Jews in the course of UPA activities in the West of Ukraine). He was one of the leaders of the OUN — Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (organization banned in Russia), advocating the creation of an independent state in territories with Ukrainian-speaking population. Bandera is the ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism and one of the main initiators of the creation in 1942 of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA — organisation banned in Russia). After the WWII he lived in Munich, from where he led the terrorist activities of the OUN and UPA in the USSR. During the Cold War, Ukrainian nationalists were actively used by the special services of Western countries in the fight against the Soviet Union.

(8) Ukraine, the Baltic States, Europe. Torchlight processions of nationalists, Nazi and followers of Nazi criminals. Meetings and marches of memory of Waffen-SS troops «veterans». Rallies of neo-fascists.

Just some examples over the past few years…

April 28, 2010 Ukraine, Lviv:

About 2000 nationalists walked through the city, carrying flags and symbols of the soldiers of «Galicia» division in their hands. The event was timed to coincide with the 67th anniversary of the creation of the division. Source.

July 31, 2010Estonia, Sinimäe:

Estonian veterans who sided with the Nazis during World War II gainst the Soviets are gathering in thenorth-east of the Baltic state. It has sparked outrage over why the country’s authorities are welcoming fascist sympathisers. And some of those who wanted to oppose the meeting have been barred from entering. Source (video).

The organizers of the event were the Union of Division Veterans and the Youth Club of Friends of theEstonian Legion. With the authorization of the authorities, the protesters intend to pay homage to the fallen SS men, lay wreaths at the monuments erected in their honor, say thank-you speeches and arrange a viewing of the documentary film «Sinimäe». Source.

April 28, 2011 Ukraine, Lviv:

On April 28, in Lviv, a march of the so-called «autonomous nationalists» in honor of the 68th anniversary of the creation of the 14th Grenadier Division of the Waffen-SS «Galicia» was held. According to the estimates of those attending the law enforcement action, the march gathered about 700 participants. Source / Video.

More photos.

July 30, 2011Estonia, Sinimäe:

On July 30, in Estonia in the town of Sinimäe in the north-east of the country, a meeting of veterans of the 20th Estonian SS division began. Despite the heavy rain, several hundred veterans and their young supporters from the organization of the Society of Friends of the Estonian Legion, as well as representatives of the Latvian union of legionaries and the movement of «Latvian Nationalists» gathered in the heights of Sinimäe. Source.

Russian MFA’ statement:

«Contrary to repeated calls to Tallinn to stop this ignominious practice, Estonian authorities are deliberately moving to popularise Nazism. They are distributing “patriotic” literature, and youth and even children’s organisations are being involved in such gatherings.

It is important to underscore that such gatherings run counter to the spirit of the Council of the European Union’s 2008/913/JHA Framework Decision on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law of November 28, 2008. This document bans the inciting of violence or hatred, denying or downplaying the gravity of the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, including the Holocaust».

More photos.

November 5, 2011 USA, Pomona:

About 75 members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) gathered Saturday near Pomona City Hall. The group is opposed to illegal immigration and California’s version of the Dream Act, which allows undocumented students to access financial aid. The Detroit-based neo-Nazi group was confronted by several hundred protesters. Angry words flew, and orange traffic cones were tossed at the Neo-Nazis. Source / Video.

More photos.

December 10, 2011 Sweden, Stockholm:

On December 10 in the center of Stockholm was a torchlight procession of the Nazis, allowed by the Swedish government. More than 500 Nazis took part in the action. Source.

The Local reported:

«The first dozen right wing extremists marched right through the masses of counter protesters and were faced with chantings and pushes, which they responded to by yelling their own chants».

Videos: one, two.

March 16, 2012Latvia, Riga:

The day of remembrance for Waffen-SS veterans is being held in the Latvian capital, Riga. The annual rally features SS supporters and nationalists, and is condemned by about half of the country’s population as ‘glorification of Nazism’. Source (video).

Over a thousand people in Latvia have gathered to pay heroes’ honours to SS veterans in a controversial annual march. Many condemned the rally as glorifying Nazism, worried about it inspiring nationalistic youths. Despite that, it’s got support at the highest political levels. Source (video).

April 28, 2012 Ukraine, Lviv:

On April 28, a parade of the so-called «autonomous nationalists» took place in Lviv, marking the anniversary of the creation of the Waffen-SS division «Galicia». Participants marched through the streets of the city. According to organizers, about 1500 people took part in the action, named «March of Greatness of the Spirit». Source (with photos).

More photos — here and here.

November 26, 2012Spain, Madrid:

Supporters of former Spanish dictator General Franco gave fascist salutes in Madrid during a rally commemorating the 37th anniversary of the dictator’s death as voters in Catalonia voted in an independence referendum. The Spanish Civil War may have ended more than sixty years ago, but a rally on the streets of the Spanish capital has shown that for some, the war goes on. A young girl joined the mostly elderly and middle-aged far-right supporters giving fascist salutes at a rally to mark the 37th anniversary of the death of authoritarian leader General Franco. Source.

Spanish source with some more photos.

January 1, 2013Ukraine, Kiev:

VO «Svoboda» held a torchlight procession in honor of the 104th anniversary of the birth of Stepan Bandera. More than two thousand Kyivans and guests of the capital passed through the central streets of the city. Source.

Videos: one, two.

March 16, 2013Latvia, Riga:

Latvian veterans who fought alongside German Nazis during WWII have held their annual march through the capital. With the mood traditionally intense there were a number of arrests after the leader of a local anti-fascist group was beaten up. The parade’s distinct nationalist tone and clear Nazi references also raised concern outside Latvia. Source (video).

April 19, 2013 USA, Atlanta:

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) reported on its website:

«NSM members and guests attended from as far away as Europe, and from all over the U.S.».

The Huffington Post reported:

«Ironing swastika armbands, drinking beers, getting tattoos and tasering each other. This is how neo-Nazis from America’s National Socialist Movement relaxed as they geared up for a national convention in Atlanta«.

More photos.

April 28, 2013 Ukraine, Lviv:

On April 28, a march of Ukrainian, Russian and Lithuanian ultra-nationalists took place in Lviv in honor of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Waffen-SS «Galicia» division. The march was attended by several hundred people who walked along one of the central streets of Lviv with flyers and posters. Participants shouted nationalist slogans. Source (with more photos).

Pay attention to the «death’s head» on the T-shirts of the marchers — symbol of the SS-Panzer-Division «Totenkopf«.

November 4, 2013 Russia, Moscow:

On November 4, 2013 in Moscow, Russian nationalist organizations once again celebrated the Day of People’s Unity with rallies and processions. The event attracted about 6500 people (according to the police 8000 people, according to the participants of the march themselves, there were about 20000 people). Participants marched through the streets, some of them were chanting racist and obscene slogans, and even throwing up their hands in the Nazi salute. Source.

Correspondent of the famous newspaper «Moskovskiy Komsomolets» noted:

«The main event of the Day of People’s Unity was traditionally the «Russian March». This tradition began to cause me bewilderment. Why on the most international day in the year the authorities agree not a folk procession of people in national costumes, but a nationalists’ rally?  Nationalist event do not look like a festive event. Russians are more likely to smile sitting at a generous table than to get wet in disgusting weather on the street, while making terrible faces and screaming terrible slogans«.

More photos — here and here / Video1, video2.

January 1, 2014 — Ukraine, Kiev:

Bandera’s 105th birthday was celebrated by a torchlight procession of ~15000 people in the centre of Kiev and thousands more rallied near his statue in Lviv. Source.

Many participants of the procession are carrying burning torches, national banners, flags of VO «Svoboda» party, and red-and-black flags. Some are carrying flower bouquets. They are chanting «Glory to Ukraine — Glory to Heroes!», «Glory to party — death to enemies!». They are carrying banners with the inscriptions «Ukraine Above All», «Let’s Recognize OUN, Recognize Stepan Bandera as a Hero of Ukraine». Source.

Videos: one, twothree.

February 15, 2014Bulgaria, Sofia:

Roughly 500 people defied a protest ban and took part in the Lukov torchlight procession in Sofia on Saturday. The march has been organised by far-right group, the «Union of Bulgarian National Legions» (BNL), to commemorate the death of former BNL leader and Minister of War, Hristo Nikolov Lukov. Source.

May 1, 2014 Sweden, Jönköping:

A total of 19 people have been arrested and dozens of others carted away following clashes at a neo-Nazi May Day march in Jönköping, central Sweden, where counter demonstrators outnumbered the far-right activists (later it was reported that total of 26 people were arrested). The protest march by the right wing «Party of the Swedes» (Svenskarnas party — SVP) attracted a large police presence, reckoned to be as high as 450 officers Source.

The Local reported:

«The churches in Jönköping rang their bells in warning for two hours on May Day as neo-Nazis took to the streets. The alarm marked the first of its kind for the central Sweden town since World War II broke out«.

July 26, 2014Estonia, Sinimäe:

In the town of Sinimäe in the northeast of Estonia, the traditional annual gathering of ex-servicemen of the Estonian 20th Waffen-SS division was held. In 1944, fierce battles took place on this site. According to the organizer of the Association of Veterans of the 20th Division of the SS, a memorable event was attended by several hundred people. Source (video).

The Russian Foreign Ministry repeatedly issued statements condemning the meeting of SS veterans in Estonia, calling it a continuation of attempts to glorify the Nazis and their accomplices and expressing concern that such events are taking place in a state that is a member of the EU. The Estonian authorities banned the entry of journalists from the Russian TV channel «Zvezda» into the country, who wanted to make a report about the event in Sinimäe. Source.

August 23, 2014 Sweden, Malmö:

About 1500 people gathered in Limhamn Square in the center of Malmö, Sweden, to protest the planned speech of the leader of the local neo-Nazi party «Svenskarnas parti» Stefan Jacobsson. During the anti-fascist demonstration, there were clashes of protesters with the police. As a result of dispersal of the protest action by the mounted police, not less than 10 people were injured. During the rally, fireworks and smoke bombs were used. Anti-fascists tried to disrupt the speech of the leader of local neo-fascists. Source.

More photos / Anti-fascist clashes with the police (photos)

November 8, 2014 USA, Rockwall:

There were plenty of protesters, lots of shouting and a high volume of profanity-laced tirades during Saturday’s rally by the National Socialist Movement, but there were no arrests during the nearly two-hour event at the Rockwall County Courthouse. The NSM — a white supremacist Neo-Nazi group based in Michigan — marched onto the courthouse steps and delivered its stance on immigration reform through a number of speakers, but an even larger group of protesters stood against NSM, separated only by a heavy presence of law enforcement officials from the Rockwall Police Department and Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office. The NSM is now the largest neo-Nazi organization in the US according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, with its own presidential candidates and 61 chapters in 35 states. Source.

The NSM intended its Rockwall rally to be a «show of force.» Holding swastika flags and plastic shields and dressed in black battle-dress uniforms, Hitler T-shirts and Ku Klux Klan robes, some 20 NSM members and their allies called for an end to «illegal immigration» and for deportation of all non-white residents of the United States. Source.

More photos.

November 18, 2014Latvia, Riga:

On the evening of November 18, in honor of the 96th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia in Riga, a torchlight procession took place, in which about 14000 people took part. Source.

November 23, 2014Spain, Madrid:

Around 300 far-right activists gathered in the center of Madrid to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the death of General Franco, Sunday. The Spanish leader lost his life on November 20, 1975. Source.

January 1, 2015Ukraine, Kiev:

In Kiev on January 1, the 106th anniversary of the birth of Stepan Bandera was celebrated with a grand scale. At least 10 thousand Ukrainian neo-Nazis gathered for a torchlight procession in the center of the city. Among the participants of the rally there are many representatives of the «Right Sector» (organization banned in Russia) and VO «Svoboda» party. The Kyiv city administration was informed about the forthcoming march. Source.

Videos: one, two.

Btw, one can see that those who marching was carried including the national flag of Canada:

One may ask — what’s this all about, why the flag of Canada is there, among Ukrainian nationalists? The answer is very simple. Canada is a country very loyal to what is happening in Ukraine.

As the Russian Foreign Ministry noted in its 140-pages report «Neo-Nazism: a dangerous threat to human rights, democracy and the rule of law«:

«Canada is at the forefront of countries that do not stop hypocritical attempts to falsify the history of WWII and heroize Nazi criminals and their allies. It’s significantly how they take care of the monuments to the accomplices of the Nazis. Thus, in Edmonton (Alberta province) in St. Michael’s Cemetery, there is a memorial obelisk in the form of a cross with the inscription «Fighters for the Will of Ukraine», where there’re the abbreviations of the Sich Riflemen, the Galician Army of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA — organization banned in Russia), the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN — organization banned in Russia) and the 1st Division of the Ukrainian National Army (formed from the former parts of the 14th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division «Galicia«).

On the territory of the Center for Ukrainian Youth Unity in Edmonton (Alberta province) there is a bust in honor of OUN-UPA founder, deputy commander of the Nachtigal battalion, commander of the 201st SS Schutzmannschaft Battalion Roman Shukhevych — organizer of the massacres of Belarusians, Poles, Jews and Ukrainians during the WWII. Another example is the city of Oakville (Ontario province), where in the Ukrainian cemetery of St. Vladimir there are two monuments, one is dedicated to the OUN-UPA soldiers, the other is to the 1st Division of the Ukrainian National Army.

An active role in rewriting the history and whitewashing Nazi crimes during the WWII is played by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and numerous Ukrainian-Banderite structures operating under its «umbrella», promoting the ideas of aggressive nationalism, Russophobia, anti-Semitism and heroization of Nazi collaborators who fought for «self-sustained Ukraine». At the same time, the obvious facts of Banderites direct participation in the extermination of the civilian population, the organization of mass pogroms of the Jewish population, in particular in Lviv in June 1941, and the Poles during the «Volyn massacre» are denied.

Under the pressure of the UCC in Canada, on the official level they put a sign of equality between communism and fascism, and the tragedy of «Holodomor» is declared an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people without mentioning that the victims of the 1930s hunger were other peoples of the Soviet Union too. The crimes of modern Nazi followers in Ukraine, including the «Right Sector» (organization banned in Russia), are hushed up, and the picture of what is happening is deliberately distorted in favor of the ruling regime in Kiev«.

These four paragraphs are an excerpt form the report «Neo-Nazism: a dangerous threat to human rights, democracy and the rule of law» (highly recommended to check out, though, unfortunately, so far it’s in Russian language only) issued by the Russian MFA in April 2018. Maria Zakharova mentioned it during the briefing. This is fresh, new version of the report. A previous version, issued in 2015, is available here (it’s in English language and in *.pdf format — recommended to check out too). Here’s an excerpt form 2015 report:

So do not be surprised when you see the flag of Canada in the crowd of Ukrainian nationalists marching with torches along the streets of Kiev. They know whom to thank for the support.

February 14, 2015 — Bulgaria, Sofia:

The torchlight procession of neo-Nazis «Lukov march» in memory of the Bulgarian general Hristo Lukov was held in Sofia on Saturday, February 14, despite the ban of the capital’s mayoralty. About 500 people took part in the procession.

Hristo Lukov was Bulgaria’s military minister in 1935-1938, created and headed the «Union of Bulgarian National Legions», whose ideology was similar to Italian fascism and German national-socialism, was an active supporter of the alliance with the Third Reich in World War II. In February 1943, he was shot and killed by members of the BСP combat group. «Lukov march», organized in the Bulgarian capital annually since 2003, has turned into a major consolidating action for the Bulgarian ultra-right forces, for which Lukov is a cult figure. Source.

Russian MFA’ statement:

«It is with grave concern and indignation that we have learned about plans by local nationalist radicals to hold another so-called Lukov March, named after a nefarious WWII character, the Bulgarian General Hristo Lukov known for his Nazi and anti-Semitic views, in the centre of the Bulgarian capital on February 14, 2015. We believe that continued attempts, in this case in Bulgaria, to promote neo-Nazi and xenophobic ideas compounded with the use of Nazi attributes are a serious challenge to the civilisational foundations of the modern world order and an insult to the memory of Soviet soldiers who fell liberating Europe from Nazism and millions of civilian casualties.

It is especially outrageous that this provocation is planned to be held ahead of the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazism, which will be widely celebrated this year».

Videos: one, two.

March 12, 2015 — Lithuania, Vilnius:

More than a thousand nationalists marched in the Lithuanian capital in honor of Independence Day. Representatives of the Ukrainian «Right Sector» (organization banned in Russia) also took part in the action. Source.

March 16, 2015Latvia, Riga:

Already a traditional and quite informal celebration took place in Riga — the Day of Remembrance of Latvian legionnaires, in which, in addition to the veterans of the Waffen-SS legion, who served on the side of Germany during the WWII, several hundred more took part. In total, about 3-4 thousand people took part in the event. Source.

Btw, in January 2015, the Latvian authorities thwarted the opening of the exhibition at the UN. The Times of Israel reported on this score:

«Latvian officials prevented the opening of an exhibition about the Holocaust that Russia wanted to host at a United Nations building.

The exposition, titled “Stolen childhood: Holocaust victims Seen by Child Inmates of Salaspils Nazi Concentration Camp”, was canceled following objections by Latvian officials to its scheduled opening on Sunday at the Paris seat of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization».

More photos.

July 25, 2015Estonia, Sinimäe:

In Sinimäe, a meeting of veterans of the Estonian Legion of the 20th Waffen-SS Division was held, which in the country is officially called «fighters for the freedom of Estonia». This year the meeting was less numerous than in the past. There were fewer veterans as well as their young admirers from Estonia and other Baltic countries who usually came to such events. Source (+ more photos).

November 4, 2015 Russia, Moscow:

A «Russian march» was held in several districts of Moscow. About 1200 people took part in the event. Source.

On the eve of the event, the leader of the national organization «Russians» Dmitry Demushkin was detained. In late October, the Moscow City Court banned the activities of the organization «Russians» and recognized this movement, headed by Demushkin, extremist. Source.

The participants of the «Russian March» shouted such slogans as «Freedom to Dmitry Demushkin!», «One for all, all for one!», «Russia without Putin!», «Putin is the president of Chechnya!», «Putin is the president of Tajikistan!», «No to war!», «Glory to Ukraine!» and others. Source.

The «Russian march» is the marches and rallies of representatives of Russian nationalist organizations, timed to the Day of National Unity on November 4. The first action was held in the center of Moscow in 2009. Source.

More photos — here, here and here.

November 15, 2015Germany, Wunsiedel:

About a hundred German neo-Nazis marched through the streets of the Bavarian city of Wunsiedel. According to the marchers, their goal was to «remind the world of Nazism and honor the memory of the Germans who fought under Hitler in the Second World War». It was Bavaria that once became the birthplace of the “brown plague”. Source / Video.

November 18, 2015Latvia, Riga:

Thousands of people took part in a torchlight procession in the center of Riga. About 15 thousand people took part in the march. Source (more photos) / Video.

November 22, 2015Spain, Madrid:

In Madrid, a rally was held on the 40th anniversary of the death of General Franco. There are still hundreds of streets in the country called «Franco» or «Generalissimo», it’s as if there was a street «Hitler» in Berlin. Moreover, the Francoists do not hide. As every Sunday after November 20, a ceremony in honor of the Caudillo takes place in the center of Madrid. Source.

France 24′ video report / Source.

Videos: one, two.

Btw, a few days earlier, on November 20, around 500 protesters marched through Madrid, marking the anniversary of the death of La Falange party founder Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera:

Source (video).

November 30, 2015Ukraine, Kiev:

Nazis in Kiev held a torch march, allegedly in memory of the second anniversary of the dispersal of students on the Maidan. Source / Video.

December 12, 2015Spain, Madrid:

Hundreds of people marched through the centre of Madrid, Saturday, to commemorate the death of Juan Ignacio Gonzalez, leader of the «Youth Front» (Frente de la Juventud), a far-right-wing organisation that carried out terrorist attacks after the death of Franco. Source.

December 21, 2015Ukraine, Mariupol:

Nazi battalion «Azov» marched through the Mariupol city with torches and posters, traditional for Kiev neo-Nazi sabbaths. The leader of the battalion and the «Azov movement», Andrei Biletsky, took part in the torchlight procession. Source.

Videos: one, two.

January 1, 2016Ukraine, Kiev:

About 1000 activists marched in a torchlight procession in Kyiv to celebrate the 107th anniversary of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN — organization banned in Russia) leader Stepan Bandera’s birth on Friday. The participants carried state flags of Ukraine, flags of the «Svoboda» association and the «Right Sector» movement (organization banned in Russia), banners with Bandera’s pictures, and about 100 torches. Source.

Video: one, twothree.

February 13, 2016Bulgaria, Sofia:

Scores of people defied a ban to hold the annual torchlit procession to commemorate the WWII General Hristo Lukov who was known for being pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic in Sofia on Saturday. The ‘Lukov March’ was waking place for the thirteenth year in a row. Source / Video.

February 16, 2016 — Lithuania, Kaunas:

Lithuanian nationalists held a torchlight procession in honor of Independence Day. The columns sounded slogans «Lithuania for Lithuanians», fascist symbols and portraits of people recognized as war criminals appeared. The main slogan of activists is «Lithuania for Lithuanians», but flags of Ukraine, Latvia, and even the «Right Sector» group, banned in Russia, fluttered at the rally. Source / Video.

About 300 people took part in the march, most of them young people. Source.

February 24, 2016Estonia, Tallin:

nazism-fascism-07-_ss_march_ [24.2.2016]_1

The youth wing of the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE) «Blue Awakening» once again held a torchlight procession in the center of Tallinn. A year earlier, the same action, timed to the Independence Day of the Republic of Estonia, ended in a public scandal, as in the slogan of the event «For ‘Estonia for Estonians!’ » many saw the propaganda of nationalism. Source.

More photos.

February 26, 2016Poland, Hajnowka:

Radical nationalists marched under the slogans, glorifying the participants in the armed underground of the first post-war years. However, the locals call them punishers who, under the pretext of fighting the Communists, killed their relatives. SourceVideo.

On the main banner of the ultra-right — a portrait of Romuald Rajs, nicknamed «Bury». Exactly 70 years ago, this man burned five Belarusian Orthodox villages including the residents (Source) — in January-February 1946, Rajs’s gang massacred 79 Belarusians in Eastern Poland, subsequently recognized as an act of genocide (Source).

February 28, 2016 Croatia, Zagreb:

Self-styled ‘militia’ of the radical ultra-right Autochthonous Croatian Party of Rights (A-HSP) paraded on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb on Sunday. The A-HSP activists unveiled flags featuring nationalist symbols and shouted nationalist slogans. Source (video).

March 16, 2016 Latvia, Riga:

Once again, Riga demonstrates its «European choice» — Latvia celebrates the day of memory of Waffen-SS legionaries. Several actions are held in the center of the Latvian capital in support of those who fought on the side of Nazi Germany, who collaborated with German intelligence, killed children in Salaspils. This is their «holiday» — a holiday of the entire Baltic evil spirits, which today has many fans not only in Latvia itself, but also beyond its borders. It should be recalled that Latvia, celebrating the days of memory of Nazi veterans, is a member of the European Union and NATO… Source.

This procession causes indignation of anti-fascist organizations around the world, but the authorities of Latvia consider it a matter of honor to protect those who in any other country would be imprisoned for life for crimes committed by these Nazi accomplices during World War II. Source.

Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General commented:


More photos / Video.

April 28, 2016 Ukraine, Lviv:

In Lviv, the traditional annual «March of Greatness and Spirit» was held, dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Waffen-SS division «Galicia». More than 200 activists of public organizations, mostly young people, took part in the action. Source / Video.

More photos.

May 1, 2016 Sweden, Borlänge:

About 300 members of the «Nordic Resistance Movement» (NRM), a Swedish neo-Nazi organization marched through Borlänge. Video.

More photos.

July 30, 2016Estonia, Sinimäe:

Some 500 people participated in the 72nd anniversary of the of the Battle of Tannenberg Line, in Sinimae, Saturday, in memory of the Estonian WWII veterans who fought for Nazi Germany’s 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS. Source (video).

More photos / Videos: one, two.

November 12, 2016 Sweden, Stockholm:

Several hundred neo-Nazis went on a demonstration against the «invasion of migrants» in Stockholm on November 12. The demonstration on the call of the neo-Nazi organization «Nordic Resistance Movement» (NMR), which shares the ideology of Pan-Scandinavian National Socialism, was held in the streets of Stockholm under the slogan: «No to invasion of foreigners». Source.

According to the Swedish magazine Expo, which specializes in exposing the ideology of neo-Nazi and ultra-right movements, the neo-Nazi demonstration became the largest for NMR movement and gathered about 600 participants. A rally in Borlänge on May 1 this year saw 300 protesters. Source.

Jonathan Leman, a researcher at the Expo Foundation commented:

«In terms of activities that they have been doing on the streets, spraying propaganda, manifestations and training – all of these things that they do and which they report, we’ve seen that that number has doubled as well» — Leman said.

Videos: one, two, three.

November 18, 2016 — Latvia, Riga:

In Riga on November 18, a traditional torchlight procession took place, in which several thousand people participated. The event was dedicated to the 98th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia. The first such procession was organized on November 18, 2003 by the nationalist youth organization «Visu Latvijai!» In 2015, the march was attended by a record number of participants — about 15 thousand. Source / Video.

November 18, 2016Spain, Madrid:

Several hundred far-right Falangist protesters marched through Madrid, Friday, to mark the deaths of the group’s founder Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera and former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, respectively. Source.

January 1, 2017Ukraine, Kiev:

Thousands of Ukrainian nationalists marched through the capital of Ukraine, shouting Russophobic and anti-Semitic slogans. Source (video).

Speaking of past years, the first such marches were dispersed by «Berkut«, and then they became part of the [Ukrainian] urban mainstream. Since 2007, the marches have become massive and increasingly organized, and since 2013 — tough on anti-Russian rhetoric. Source.

Video: one, twothree.

February 19, 2017Bulgaria, Sofia:

In Sofia, a march of Bulgarian nationalists, known as the «Lukov march», was held. The event is dedicated to General Hristo Lukov, who was the leader of the nationalist pro-fascist organization «Union of Bulgarian National Legions» during the WWII. Source.

Videos: one, two.

February 24, 2017Estonia, Tallinn:

In the Old Town of Tallinn for the fourth time the youth wing of the Estonian Conservative National Party (EKRE) holds a torchlight procession. According to the plan of the youth wing of EKRE, it should make Estonia’s Independence Day a festival of people’s consolidation. Source.

February 26, 2017 Croatia, Zagreb:

Members of the radical ultra-right Autochthonous Croatian Party of Rights (A-HSP) held a march in support of the US president and their own ideology in the center of Zagreb. Over a hundred black-clad nationalists marched under the protection of the police with the coat of arms and the old Croatian flag in their hands, with US flags and black party banners, as well as the flag of the ultra-radical National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). Participants of the procession shouted the forbidden greeting of the Ustashe (Croatian Nazis) «Za dom spremni!» («for home — ready!»), nationalist songs sounded in the speakers. Source.

It is worth noting that the US Embassy in Croatia condemned the march of right-wing nationalists in Zagreb. Source.

Video1 (14 min long), video2.

March 2, 2017Poland, Warsaw:

More than a thousand nationalists held a torchlight march in Warsaw in honor of the so-called «damned soldiers» — participants in anti-Soviet and anti-communist underground organizations in Poland after the WWII, carrying out punitive operations against civilians. Source /