MH17: West-backed Ukrainian regime hiding traces.

On May 24, 2018, a Joint Investigation Team at a briefing in the Netherlands presented the wreckage of a missile that, according to the commission, shot down a Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777-200ER aircraft flying a MH17 flight from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Now let us leave aside all the questions about why the investigation is generally carried out in the Netherlands (but not in Malaysia, or some other neutral state), why these fragments were shown only in late May 2018, almost 4(!) years after the catastrophe (it is hard to believe that the presented fragments were found right on the eve of a briefing), the obvious deliberate delay/footdragging of the investigation, as well as the utter lack of professionalism of the «joint commission», which bases its findings, in fact, on photos and videos from the Internet(!), collected and “analyzed” by dilettantes from Bellingcat back in 2016(!).


~3,5 months later, on September 17, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Russia at a special briefing presented sensational information that unequivocally testified to the identity of the missile, which, according to JIT, hit a Boeing. The presented documents show that the missile was manufactured in 1986 and transferred to the Ukrainian SSR in military regiment number 20152 (now it is the 223rd anti-aircraft missile regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine). In 1991 Ukraine became a fully owner of the missile, having gained independence after the collapse of the USSR. The missile did not return to Russia since Ukraine received it in 1986.

A briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defense is in itself a reference sample of a serious attitude to the matter and a standard of how to provide evidence (or, at least, worthy information). Now anyone can compare this with the British version of «highly likely»(c) when there’s some «irrefutable evidence available», which, however, «cannot be shown» because of a «national security concern».

But this is not the most important thing. The situation is both amazing, funny and incredible. In fact, JIT (which includes Ukraine) itself, with its own hands, presented data that unequivocally testified to the fault of Ukraine in the tragedy of the downed Boeing. In fact, JIT itself gave Russia data (the numbers on missile’s fragments), which exposes the lies and misinformation spread by JIT for 4 years.

From the very beginning of this pseudo-investigation it was clear what it was about. JIT did everything to ignore reality and cover the true criminal — Ukraine. Thus, both JIT itself and all countries that “unconditionally trust the commission’s conclusions” become complicit in the crime. The very fact of the inclusion(!) of Ukraine (that is, one of the suspects) into the commission investigating a crime is already blasphemous and surreal. The direct responsibility of Ukraine for the airspace above the combat zone not closed for civil Aviation was not taken into account and unnoticed. The testimony of eyewitnesses about the direction from which the missile was launched was ignored. The wreckage of the downed aircraft remained lying on the site of the crash (with a competent investigation, the professionals had to collect everything up to the very last bolt) — apparently, the commission did not need it.


The records from black boxes for some mysterious reasons still have not been demonstrated to public. The stubborn refusal of Ukraine to provide their primary radar data was considered insignificant. A suspicious absence of satellite images available in the United States and allegedly testified «guilty of the militiamen for the downed Boeing» was silently taken for granted. The sudden and strange «suicide» of one of the key witnesses, the pilot Vladislav Voloshin, did not lead to certain thoughts. A large-scale scientific experiments (repeat, a scientific ones), conducted by Almaz-Antey corporation and refuting the JIT version (based on data from Internet) about the direction of the missile’ launch, was ignored. The data manipulation (scroll down for English text) carried out by the JIT was Ok. The declassified data of the Russian Ministry of Defense on BUK’ characteristics (BUK missiles 9M38 and 9M38M1) were ignored. The primary radar data provided voluntarily by Russia, which clearly recorded the absence of a missile launch by the Donbass militia, were ignored. Malaysian Minister of Transport Anthony Loke declaring about Russia’s nonparticipation was ignored…

Does a professional, honest, competent investigation team work this way in a real transparent investigation aimed to find the truth? The answer is obvious. Farce, played by JIT, is not just criminal. A diligent covering of a true culprit — Ukrainian regime — has long been obvious to many adequate people. JIT does a much more terrible thing — it lies brazenly to the relatives of the dead people, hiding the truth from them. Yes, at a certain point it will become impossible to lie anymore. Sooner or later it will happen, because the truth always come out, anyway.

However, the criminals will try to justify themselves to the last, invent a new lies, delay the “investigation” even more, cover up the traces, divert attention. Actually this is already happening. ~2,5 weeks after the exposing briefing by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, on October 8, on the territory of Ukraine in the Chernihiv region «suddenly» a state of emergency happened — the weapons warehouse caught fire, and the ammunition began to explode uncontrollably. As of October 13, the explosions continued for the fifth day in a row.


Back in September, many Russian experts (as well as ordinary people) expressed the opinion that after the data submitted by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian regime would try to destroy evidence. In particular, the documentation, which shows the obtaining in 1986 of that same BUK missile. Thus, the famous Russian war correspondent Alexander Kots wrote on September 17, on the eve of the Russian Defense Ministry briefing:


«<…> a fire will soon happen in the 223rd anti-missile Terebovlyansky regiment in Stryi, Lviv region.

And the fire is supposed to destroy all documentation, starting in 1987. Although I am sure it has already been destroyed».

The fire happened in another warehouse, but Kots guessed the development of events correctly. Armen Gasparyan, a publicist, one of the leading Russian political scientists, tweeted on October 8, when it became known about the fire in the Ukrainian weapons warehouse:


«In Ukraine, another ammunition warehouse exploded.

Two weeks ago, during «Vesti FM» broadcast i predicted this event in the near future. So it happened».

Vladimir Kornilov, a popular political scientist and historian, wrote on September 17:


«The press conference of the Russian Defense Ministry on the downed Boeing is just beginning. But it is already clear that documents are being submitted that track the fate of the BUK missile, which was presented several months ago in Holland. And Ukraine will not like these documents very much«.

The Deputy Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Peter Tolstoy, commented on the data presented by the Russian Defense Ministry on MH17 to the RIA Novosti news agency:

«The first thing that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko did is that he signed a decree on the termination of the Treaty of Friendship with Russia. Information about this is posted on the official website of the President of Ukraine 16 minutes after the start of the briefing by the [Russian] Ministry of Defense in Moscow. It was hard to imagine a more stupid step. What’s next? A sudden flared fire on the territory of the 223rd anti-aircraft missile brigade near Ternopol? The aggravation of the situation and the beginning of open hostilities in the Southeast in order to pretend to be a victim again? If, even after the Russian Ministry of Defense presents today’s most valuable information, the Joint Investigation Team will declare that Russia is still to blame, then it can be safely stated both its incompetence and political engagement».

Franz Klintsevitch, member of the Defense Committee of the Federation Council said:

«The West can pretend that nothing has happened, and will continue to «play the same old song». Besides, there is a very high probability that Ukraine will try, as they say, to clean everything up«.

Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov said at a briefing:

«Of course, we understand that after today’s briefing, the Ukrainian side can destroy these documents and declare that they either did not exist or that they were previously destroyed. We do not exclude such a version that it can be said that this missile had previously been moved to Russia».

On October 9, during a briefing, the official representative of the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Daniil Bezsonov, voiced information that the 9M38 missiles from the BUK missile system with all the accompanying and technical documentation were stored in the burned down warehouse. Bezsonov suggested that the warehouse could have been set on fire deliberately:

«The fire at the 6th arsenal of the command of the support forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Chernihiv region is not accidental. This is already the 4th burning warehouse of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2 years. <…>

I’d like to specially note the fact of storage in this warehouse of 9M38 missiles from the BUK anti-aircraft missile system and all the accompanying and technical documentation to them. The fire occurred just at that moment when the world community demanded from Ukraine documentation on the missile complex of the BUK that are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a full and objective investigation of the death of 298 people on July 17, 2014.

I’d like to note that last week the location of the 6th arsenal was visited by a group of foreign officers, among whom were high-ranking NATO representatives».

Anyways, the fact is that the thing is happened — the weapons warehouse was destroyed, most likely including all the authentic documentation, which recorded the arrival of that same BUK missile in 1986 in Ukraine, the fragments of which were demonstrated by the JIT on May 24, 2018. Destroying evidence not only further delays «investigation», but, what’s more important, deprives the relatives of the victims to establish the long-awaited truth.

Of course, the armory was not destroyed just to hide all traces of «dangerous» documentation. Probably the main reason was the intention to [once again] hide traces of large-scale thefts and shortfalls. However, the destruction of documentation has become a timely and very useful bonus. Ukrainian regime killed two birds with one stone. Bravo.



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