ERA technopolis: Russian MoD’s military innovation complex of the future.


At a meeting of the military-industrial commission in September 2017, the President of the Russian Federation instructed the Ministry of Defense to organize work on the creation of the Military Innovative Technopolis ERA (MIT ERA).

February 23, 2018, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu presents a project of the ERA technopolis to the Russian President Vladimir Putin:

At the presentation it was said that «the main goal of scientific research and development planned in the ERA technopolis should be the creation of artificial intelligence systems for military purposes and providing technologies» (source).

The model of the MIT ERA was also presented at the conference «Artificial Intelligence: Problems and Solutions», which took place in the Patriot Park on March 14 and 15, 2018 (source, with more photos):

After all the necessary project documentation was prepared and presentations were held, on June 25, 2018, the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree on the creation of the Military Innovative Technopolis ERA (media reports one + two):

MIT ERA is located on the Black Sea coast on an area of 17,2 hectares. Technopolis is being built in the resort city of Anapa. The object will be formed until 2020 (source). It is planned to place laboratory buildings, a 10-storey research center, a fitness center, a stadium, as well as sections of multi-storey houses for servicemen and members of their families on the territory of the ERA technopolis (source).

As stated on the official website of the Russian MoD, the essence of the project is the formation of an innovative infrastructure that provides search, development and implementation of breakthrough technologies in the defense sector, as well as the creation of projects capable of providing military and technical leadership of Russia.

The main areas of research will be (1) IT-systems, automated control systems, (2) robotic systems, (3) computer science, computer technology, (4) technical vision, pattern recognition, (5) information security, (6) nanotechnology and nanomaterials, (7) energy, technologies and life-support machines, (8) bioengineering, biosynthetic and biosensor technologies.

(1) IT-systems and ACS << info

One of the priority areas of the scientific activity of the Military Innovative Technopolis ERA is developments in the field of automated control systems and information and telecommunication systems.

(2) Robotic complexes << info

In the modern world, robotics is one of the main directions of scientific and technological progress. At the Department of «Robotic Technical Complexes» of the Military Innovative Technopolis ERA a scientific and production base has been created in order to be able to practice various methods of modeling, control and application of robots in civil and military spheres.

(3) Informatics, computer facilities << info

[This is] One of the directions of modern information technology. Integration of knowledge from the areas of microprocessor technology, programming, modern network technologies and computer systems, modern information computing systems. Computing rooms and laboratories of the Military Innovative Technopolis ERA are equipped with the latest generation of equipment, stands and specialized measuring equipment associated with computer equipment, with a specialized application package installed on them, which allows to ensure high quality of laboratory and practical training.

(4) Technical vision. Pattern recognition << info

To date, the methods of pattern recognition find practical application in various areas of human activity — everywhere, where one of the main tasks facing a person, is the classification of certain objects or phenomena, to which their formalized description can be compared.

(5) Information Security << info

The importance and popularity of the «Information Security» area is constantly growing due to the rapid development of digital and telecommunication technologies. The laboratory complex of the Military Innovative Technopolis ERA allows for in-depth research and testing in various areas of information security.

(6) Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies << info

The Military Innovative Technopolis ERA is actively working on the creation and implementation of nanotechnologies and new nanomaterials in production, as well as research of nanomaterials using modern methods of microscopy and spectroscopy.

(7) Power engineering. Technologies, devices and machines of life-support << info

Scientists around the world are looking for an ideal alternative energy source — affordable and absolutely safe. By combining the scientific topics carried out by research groups, research and development in the field of energy generation, transportation and consumption are conducted in the Military Innovative Technopolis ERA. This will increase the Russia’s economic and defense potential by ensuring sustainable energy supply of facilities, increasing energy efficiency, reducing energy losses during transportation, and reducing pollution.

(8) Bioengineering, Biosynthetic, Biosensor Technologies << info

One of the most modern lines of science, emerged at the intersection of physicochemical biology, biophysics, genetic engineering and computer technology. On the modern technological base of the Military Innovative Technopolis ERA, a cycle of developing new medicinal compounds is carried out, beginning with the identification of actual biomics for high-performance bioscreening, the synthesis and testing of new molecules, and the development of ready-made medicinal formulas.

(a source of detail for the above-mentioned activities of the MIT ERA).


In the course of MIT ERA activities close attention will be paid to educational programs for young scientists in the ranks of the Russian Army.

The uniqueness of the MIT ERA is that each development can be implemented directly on the basis of the technopolis: from the idea to the test sample.

To this end, it is proposed to create modern laboratories and engineering centers, equip the centers for collective use of scientific and technological equipment, centers of technological competence in relevant scientific areas and even «open sites» for joint development.

The location of the technopolis on the sea coast creates comfortable conditions for work and life.

MIT ERA official presentation videoclip:

At the end of March 2018, «National Interest» published an article on the ERA technopolis project, drawing analogies with the failed useless project of Skolkovo, but having justly noted a significant difference — the MIT ERA is entirely a project of the Russian Ministry of Defence, which gives the project much more reliability and prospects. After all, there are already a lot of successfully implemented major projects among the achievements of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, such as Patriot Park, international competitions «Army games«, annual conference on international security, «Zvezda» television and radio channel, Arctic and Far East military bases («Arctic trefoil» and other), development of the Far Eastern island of Matua etc.

The structure of the ERA technopolis is divided into two main sectors:


Scientific and educational sector << link

Includes: a research laboratory center with advanced equipment, design departments focused on the development of highly specialized projects, a special software development center equipped with super computers, and open sites for experimental research.

Residential sector << link

In the coastal zone of the Black Sea there are: a residential block, a sports and recreational complex with a swimming pool, a gym, recreational areas.

The development of the ERA technopolis, as follows from the concept, is divided into two stages. The first stage is designed for 2017-2018: at this time, the government bodies and personnel should be formed, plus a directions for future research and development should be determined. At the same time, it is planned to form clusters and four scientific companies, as well as to involve educational institutions, public and research organizations, state corporations and industrial enterprises. The second stage — 2019-2020 — involves the deployment in the technopolis of the offices of defense enterprises, own laboratories and engineering centers of industrial enterprises and state corporations, as well as the creation of the Technopolis Development Fund (source).

March 2018 — Inspection of the construction of the ERA technopolis and the housing stock for its employees by the working commission of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Russia consisting of four deputy Ministers of Defense of the Russian Federation (source, with more photos):

June 2018 — Working trip of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation to the troops of the Southern Military District, during which the next inspection of the construction of the MIT ERA took place (source, with more photos):

A recent report (June 24, 2018) on the progress in the construction of the ERA technopolis, inspected by the Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (at  9’22):

The opening of the ERA technopolis is planned for September 1, 2018. This was reported by the Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu at a meeting with participants of the forum «Russia — a country of opportunities» (held in March 2018). The head of scientific projects of the innovative ERA center was appointed the president of the National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute» Mikhail Kovalchuk.

ERA technopolis official website (in Russian).

ERA tachnopolis on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense (in Russian).


Continuation of the story about the ERA technopolis.


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