Syria. Khmeimim airbase / part 1

Syria. Khmeimim airbase, part 1.
The program was aired on February 18, 2018.

Original video is here.

All subtitles by ALAFF.

This film is the first part of a series of four films aired on Russian TV (in February-March 2018). It was aired on one of the main Russian Federal TV Channels — «1 TV«, and the program is called «The Sentinel». A few months ago film crew of this program visited Syria and filmed some footage. A series of stories about the activities of Russian troops in Syria consists of four films:

1) Syria. Khmeimim airbase (part 1) — aired on 18.02.2018
2) Syria. Khmeimim airbase (part 2) — aired on 25.02.2018
3) Syria. Military police — aired on 04.03.2018
4) Syria. War and peace — aired on 11.03.2018

ALAFF already wrote about «The Sentinel» program in one of the previous posts, so for some more info about the author (journalist Aleksei Rafaenko) and the program visit this page.

Part 2 of the film «Syria. Khmeimim airbase» (with English subtitles) is on the way.


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