Chemical weapons in Syria: biological samples compiled for the next large-scale provocation.

Evgeniy Yanovich Satanovskiy — Russian leading expert on Middle East — examines the issue of provocations with chemical weapons in Syria, including «biological samples» that were collected and compiled back in autumn 2017.

The original radio program was aired on April 19, 2018.

All subtitles by ALAFF.

The submitted video is shorter than the original one because a few segments directly related to chemical weapons in Syria were selected from the original radio program (secondary and incidental information was omitted).

For more information about the expert see the previous ALAFF’ post.

Plus, some important and additional specifying information:

Talking about chemical substances, E.Satanovskiy clearly distinguishes between chlorum and chlorin. Accustomed spelling of chlorum (Cl) is chlorine — the difference with chlorin is only one letter at the end of the word, so the wording chlorum (instead of chlorine) is being used in this video for the distinction of substances and to avoid confusion.

Co-hosts of E.Satanovskiy in this radio program were Anna Shafran and Vladimir Solovyov (his replicas in the video are highlighted in white).

11’05«Not our Aleksander Gordon, but de Bretton-Gordon.»

Aleksander Gordon — Russian radio and TV presenter, film actor, filmmaker.

12’08 — «This was published by Harald Doornbos in the Foreign Policy magazine…»

E.Satanovskiy speaks about this article in Foreign Policy magazine.



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