Syria, East Ghouta. Report on situation as of March 2018.

Here’s an episode of the news program aired on Russian TV a few days ago — on March 4, 2018. The program is called «Dobrov on air» (in Russian it’s «Dobrov v efire») and it’s on air every Sunday evening at 23:00 on REN-TV channel. Each Sunday the program sums up the results of the past week — both domestic events and international. «Dobrov on air» program is famous and interesting for its good author’s journalistic investigations. The presenter of the program — Andrey Dobrov.

The presented episode is called «Oasis of war«. It tells about the situation in East Ghouta, Syria.

ALAFF translated this episode and supported it with English subtitles:



In 2017 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum a presentation of the new multimedia information center «Izvestia» was held. Three media companies — Channel Five, REN-TV and the newspaper «Izvestia» (established more than 100 years ago) united. A joint information portal is located at this address.


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