The real reason for the NATO war against Libya

ALAFF translated a chapter from the book «US and NATO intervention in Libya and its consequences for Syria, Iran, Caucasus: Russian view«.

The book was written by Anatoly Tsyganok — сolonel, сandidate of Military Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Military Sciences, Head of the Military Forecasting Center, Associate Professor of the Faculty of World Politics of Moscow State University. The holder of many state awards (Order «For personal courage», medals «defender of free Russia», «300 years of Russian fleet», 11 medals of the USSR and others). The author of many military monographs: «The war in the Caucasus 2008: Russian view. Georgian-Ossetian War August 8-13, 2008» (2010), «Russian view on Israeli wars: Second Lebanon — 2006 and in the Gaza Strip — 2009» (2011), «The war in Syria and its consequences for the Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia: Russian view» (2016), «Donbass: an unfinished war. The Civil War in Ukraine (2014-2016). Russian view» (2017), and others. The book «US and NATO intervention in Libya and its consequences for Syria, Iran, Caucasus: Russian view» was released in 2012, and second edition was released in 2016.

So here’s the chapter «The real reason for the NATO war against Libya»:


The external events of 2011 in Libya look as if the decision to take military action against this country was taken only in February-March.

Let’s note six factors that could lead to the Libyan war.

First, Gaddafi was on the verge of creating a new banking system in Africa that could seriously compete with the IMF, the World Bank and other Western banking structures. A new African investment bank with a capital of 42 billion dollars would provide large loans for scanty or even zero interest [1]. Such initiatives of Libya caused the most negative assessment of the US and the European Union. According to French President Sarkozy, «the Libyans have aimed at the financial security of mankind».


The repeated exhortations of the leader of the Libyan revolution have not yielded any results: Gaddafi has taken more and more steps towards the creation of the United Africa. The truth is that Muammar Gaddafi decided to repeat General De Gaulle‘s attempt — to get out of the paper money zone and return to gold, i.е. he aimed at the main value of the modern world — the banking system.

ALAFF remark: recommended to check out this article too, concerning the plans for the establishment of the African banking system by Gaddafi.

Secondly, Gaddafi said he would review the concession agreement and that Western companies would receive no more than 20% of the oil produced. Before the war, they received from 20% to 52%.

Third, Gaddafi forced the French oil company Total to pay $ 500 million in compensation.


ALAFF remark: recommended also to check out this article, concerning Total’ constraints in Libya and production restrictions in percentage terms.

Fourthly, Gaddafi chose Russia for supplies of special property, and not France [2].


Libya has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa. So far, only 25% of its territory has been investigated // Original map in Russian here.

Fifth, the war against Colonel Gaddafi could begin in order to hide the machinations of US financial structures with the state reserves of Libya. This version was put forward by analysts of FG «Kalita-Finance» Dmitriy Golubovsky and Alexei Vyazovsky. In their estimation, if this is indeed so, then Russia, whose reserves are kept in the West, can expect a similar future. World media spread the news shedding light on the activities of Wall Street investment banks. It was about the fate of part of Libya’s foreign exchange reserves that were given to the management of the investment bank Goldman Sachs on the eve of the 2008 liquidity crisis. According to the bank’s internal documents, in the period from January to July 2008, Goldman Sachs received $ 1.3 billion from the sovereign fund of Libya, which by February 2009 turned into $ 25 million, i.е. losses amounted to 98% [3].

Sixth, according to international experts, it’s no secret that those NATO member countries that support the idea of military intervention and recognize the interim government are pursuing their own interests. Thus, for example, the main goal of the US in supporting the Libyan military conflict mentioned not the desire to help the Arab people get rid of the bored dictator, and not even the oil and carbon reserves of the country, but nothing less than the obstacle to Chinese penetration into the economies of the African continent [4].

Republican Paul Craig Roberts, who during the time of President Ronald Reagan served as Deputy Minister of Finance of the United States, offered his list of causes of the war: «The main reason is to drive China out of Libya, and this is what happens. Before the campaign began there were 30,000 Chinese in there, then 29,000 were evacuated. The second reason — the revenge Gaddafi for refusing to get in the Joint Command of the US Armed Forces in the zone of Africa. It began operating in 2008 and became the American response to China’s entry into Africa. The US created a military response to this, and Gaddafi refused to participate: he said it was an act of imperialism and an attempt to buy a whole continent. Third reason: Gaddafi controls an important part of the Mediterranean coast in Libya».

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